I've Found My Soulmate

I have found my soulmate. I'd like to say that I'm joking, but I'm truly not. If it were possible to marry a bag, I would marry this one.

This bag and I were made for each other. 

Image from the Michael Kors website
It's the MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set (my favorite collection!) Top-Zip Saffiano Tote and it costs $248. It comes in many colors, but I chose this wonderfully versatile caramel color. There are many pockets to hold things (including a large zip pocket that is perfect for holding things that you don't want to be visible when you open your bag like medications or gum and a pocket that is the perfect fit for an iPhone to slip into) and while it is a medium sized bag, it actually holds quite a bit! I haven't tested it yet, but I think an iPad would fit inside. My favorite thing about the bag is actually the top zipper which is the smoothest thing I've ever done; it's like a knife cutting through hot butter! I love that the bag didn't feel out of place when I took it to the movies tonight wearing shorts and a striped top (and a large box of Junior Mints fit inside!), but it's also pretty enough to bring tomorrow to the bridal luncheon I'm attending. 

I've been lusting after this bag for the past sixth months and my parents and sister surprised me by buying it for me as a going-away-to-college gift. And I am absolutely smitten :)

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