Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday! Does anyone have any fun Halloween plans? One of my best friends from high school is coming to stay with me and we're going to see the school musical and then to the annual Halloween party.

1. It's no secret that guys don't understand rompers. So this video of men trying them on? #priceless

2. Hold up: Buzzfeed has a very important quiz. Are you more Alexander Hamilton or Aaron Burr?

3. In honor of 1989's one year birthday, here are 12 Life Lessons Taylor Swift Taught Us with the album.

4. I'm so absolutely in love with Alyssa Campanella's Topshop dress in her latest outfit post. But is there ever a time I'm not in love with her blog?

5. This #Ham4Ham show may actually be my favorite. (Gasp! I have a favorite?) If you don't know, the #Ham4Ham show is a little performance Hamilton does on two-show days for the people waiting for the lottery. The results are always amazing.

A Week in Review: Mirror Selfies

While I'll hopefully have some nice fashion posts for you in the near future, I wanted to go ahead and share with you some mirror selfies I took of my outfits last week. The transition from summer to fall is always difficult in North Carolina because you never know what the temperature is going to be. Hence, layering is key! (Can you tell I'm moving into my winter all-black color palette?)

Monday: Trying Out a Turtleneck 
I used to avoid turtlenecks and midi skirts like the plague, but I decided to give these a try...and fell absolutely in love. I did laundry this weekend partially just so that I could wear this sweater again this week. 

Tuesday: All in Black 
On Tuesday, I wanted to be comfy while still looking put together, so I wore my Topshop black ripped jeans, a cropped black sweater, and black slip-ons. I'm obsessed with all black outfits paired with red lipstick. 

Wednesday: Channeling Tanya Burr
I'd be lying if I denied that I bought this Topshop jean skirt partially just because Tanya Burr has it. I paired it with black booties and a striped top and felt very Tanya-esque. 

Thursday: Capes and Burgundy Lips 
Thursday was quite cold so I wore my new Topshop ripped jeans with a black cropped button-down and my grey and black cape. I paired it with my new Topshop dark berry lipstick. I don't typically like dark lipsticks on me, but I'm in love with this one.

Friday: Oklahoma! Inspired?
 On Friday, I went to see my university's fall show, Oklahoma!, and it seems that it may have translated into my outfit (although this isn't what I wore to the show). I paired a cropped button-down with my denim shorts and the ever trusty black booties. I think that I will miss these shorts once the weather actually decides to stay cold enough that shorts are out of the question.

I hope you enjoyed these outfits even if the photos weren't great quality! How do you deal with the temperature change?

Questions Nobody Asks Tag Part II

Here's the second part of the Questions Nobody Asks Tag. (Here's Part I if you missed it.)

Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday, everyone! This Friday is a bit crazy for me: a paper due, a presentation, a quiz, an interview, presentations to attend, and my family's coming over tonight to see my university's production of Oklahoma!

1. There's no denying that turtlenecks are in this season. I used to be firmly against them, but then I tried one on and fell in love. There's just something better about the current versions.

2. This review roundup of The Bandstand, the new off-Broadway production at Paper Mill Playhouse starring Laura Osnes and Corey Cott, has made me want to see it even more. Fingers crossed it transfers to Broadway soon!

3. This Buzzfeed quiz claims to tell you what other people find attractive about you. Apparently, it's my "inner strength." #goodtoknow

4. Earlier this week, the new Star Wars movie trailer pretty much broke the Internet (and with good reason).

5. You may have already seen the cover of "Defying Gravity" by Aaron Tveit and Rachel Tucker that everyone is talking about, but just in case you haven't... #swoon

My Top 5 TV Shows

If there's one thing university students love (well other than class being cancelled and free food), it's Netflix. I have five shows I'm very much in love with right now, but I'm always looking for new ones. I love talking about TV shows so I thought that I would share my faves with you!

Once Upon a Time

I was very much late to the game with watching Once Upon a Time. I didn't start the show until the second season was airing when my friend Maggie finally convinced me to give it a showing me lots of pictures of Captain Hook. (Seriously, look him up.) Once Upon a Time is basically a strange combination of lots of fairy tales, set in modern-day Massachusetts. My favorite thing about it is how none of the characters are completely good or bad...and my number one OTP #CaptainSwan.


Reign is my guilty pleasure show, no question about it. It's a telling of the early life of Mary Queen of Scots at the French court: think Gossip Girl meets Game of Thrones. If you can get past the ridiculousness of some of the plots (with their sex, violence, and supernatural elements), the characters are developed well and the actors who play them are incredible. I especially love the indie music used as the show's soundtrack. I'll always have a soft spot for Reign because I wrote reviews of it for for half of the second season. Season 2 was recently added to US Netflix, if you're looking for something to watch.

The Borgias

The Borgias is probably the historical series I feel the least guilty about watching, despite its overuse of sex and violence. I adore Holliday Grainger so watching her as Lucrezia Borgia is a pleasure. Admittedly, the more political scenes sometimes bore me but I love all of the sumptuous costumes and sets.

New Girl

I think I may actually be Jess Day, the main character of New Girl, played by Zooey Deschanel. I watched the first season of New Girl in less than two weeks because I loved Jess and her roommates' antics. Admitedly, I couldn't get into the second season because I was too disappointed at my favorite couple falling apart (no spoilers!), but I may give it another try at some point.


To be fair, Supergirl hasn't actually aired yet, but I already know that I love it! I'm so excited to have a girl superhero show and the cast couldn't be more impressive. I can't wait to have Jeremy Jordan on my TV every week and I'm looking forward to Laura Benanti's appearances as well. If you'll be watching too, then make sure to check out my reviews of the show on 

Please share your favorite TV shows in the comments with me! When I finally have some free time (is that a real thing?), I'm thinking about either watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or trying Game of Thrones? Which one would you recommend?

Questions Nobody Asks Tag!

I didn't have a video in particular that I wanted to film for this week, so I decided to do the Questions Nobody Asks tag! I split the tag into two because it's quite long, so the second part will be up next week. Enjoy xx

Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday everyone! This Friday is especially exciting for me because this weekend is Homecoming at my university. Who else has fun plans for the weekend?

1. As a history student, I was so excited when I found this article about a new tablet from the Epic of Gilgamesh being found. It's one of the oldest stories we have written down...history is amazing because new things are always being discovered!

2. This Buzzfeed quiz can tell you why you're still single...apparently I'm just "too perfect." #egoboost

3. Anyone else own a midi skirt but not quite sure how to wear it? This article from College Fashion shows three ways to style a midi skirt and they're all gorgeous outfits!

4. If you love Hamilton even half as much as I do, this round-up of hilarious Tumblr posts about it will definitely make you laugh out loud. (I nearly fell out of my chair at #10.)

5. I think that self care is incredibly important, so I love this recent video from Louise Pentland. Please remember to take care of yourselves! x

Ipsy Glam Bag Review

I recently subscribed to Ipsy. It costs $10 a month and lets you try out 5 new makeup or hair products each month. I'm absolutely in love with it! This post is in no way sponsored by Ipsy, but if you decide to sign up and use my referral link, I will get points that I can redeem for additional beauty products.

I made a video reviewing the products that I got in my September Glam Bag, in case you'd like to see what an Ipsy Glam Bag looks like or just learn about some new makeup and hair products. Be sure to check back next month, for October's review. x

Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday, everyone! I have mixed feelings about this weekend. It's fall break, so I get to go home which is very exciting. But I'm sending my computer away to Apple for them to fix it today and I'm not looking forward to being without my laptop the whole weekend!

1. When I saw this "How Glamorous Are You?" quiz, I was a bit nervous. But no worries, friends, I'm a "exceedingly glamorous."

2. I would definitely describe myself as "painfully unatheletic" I very much appreciated this Seventeen article. #thestruggleissoreal

3. I finally had time to catch up on Poppy Deyes's blog and I am so in love with this post about her favorite autumn pieces. I need someone to teach me to wear dungarees/overalls and still look cool.

4. I typically limit myself to one video a week...but I couldn't resist sharing this compilation of 30 years' worth of "One Day More" in honor of Les Miserables's 30th birthday being yesterday!

5. I'm not going to lie: I cried watching this video about Lin Manuel Miranda, composer and star of Hamilton, winning a MacArthur Fellow.

5 Under 25: Bright, Young Musical Theatre Actors

How often have you found out the age of an insanely talented musical theatre actor or actress and been astounded? I'm always surprised when I find out that an actor is my age...or younger! (And then, I wonder what exactly I've achieved in my 21 years.) I decided to round up five astoundingly talented actors and actresses under the age of 25 to share with you all. Enjoy! x

Eva Noblezada, 19

Eva Noblezada, currently starring as Kim in Miss Saigon at London's Prince Edward Theatre, is close to my heart because she was living in Charlotte, NC when she was picked for the Miss Saigon London revival (we bonded over being North Carolina girls when I talked to her at stage door). She was offered the role after graduating high school and has been absolutely smashing it. Her performance at last year's Olivier Awards gave me chills (watch above); I'll never understand why she wasn't nominated for Best Actress in a Musical. How can someone so young and tiny have such powerful vocals? I also have to give her kudos for her amazing sense of style.

Watch her sing "Take Me or Leave Me" with Shoshana Bean or "I'm A Star" at Scott Alan's concert and follow her on Twitter.

Andy Richardson, 20

I was lucky enough to see Andy Richardson as Crutchie in Newsies...he made me cry in the first number of the show! He played Romeo and was the Crutchie understudy in the original Broadway cast of Newsies, before taking on the role when Andrew Keenan-Bolger left the cast. In addition to having flawless vocals, Andy is also a great comedic and dramatic actor. When he sang "Watch me stand" in the "Santa Fe Prologue," you could hear a collective gasp of heartbreak from the audience. Andy's currently enrolled at NYU, but he's thankfully still doing the occasional concert and show.

Watch him sing "The Oldsie Profession" or talk about playing Crutchie and follow him on Twitter.

Michael Colbourne, 22

Michael Colbourne made his professional debut playing Enjolras in Les Mis at the Queen's Theatre in London. I was so happy that I was able to see him twice as Enjolras because his stage presence is simply outstanding. (Also, a special shoutout to his and Chris Edwards' portrayal of the Enjolras-Grantaire friendship.) His concert performances not only show off his stellar vocals, but also his nuanced and often heart-breaking acting. He'll be performing amongst other West End stars in the one-night only London concert of Kings of Broadway next month. (And if you can go to it, I'm extremely jealous!)

Watch him sing "My Land's Shore" or perform as Enjolras in Les Mis's West End Live performance last year and follow him on Twitter

Carrie Hope Fletcher, 22 

Carrie Hope Fletcher, who turns 23 this month, is a West End actress, YouTuber, and author of the bestselling memoir and self-help book, All I Know Now. (You can watch my review here.) I've been lucky enough to see her three times in Les Miserables at the Queen's Theatre in London, where she's currently playing the role of Eponine until January. While Carrie's achieved more in 22 years than some people achieve in their entire lives, it was definitely her acting skills that first drew me to her. I can't wait to see what she's going to achieve next...other than the novel that she's already working on, of course!

Watch her sing "I See the Light" from Tangled with her boyfriend Pete Bucknall or "Let It Go" from Frozen and follow her on Twitter

Derek Klena, 23 

Derek Klena has appeared on Broadway as Fiyero in Wicked and Michael in The Bridges of Madison County. He's most well-known for playing the lead role in Dogfight, Eddie Birdlace, in the recent Off-Broadway production. He has an adorable friendship with Lindsay Mendez and they often perform together in concerts at 54 Below. His stunning vocals and impressive acting credits are remarkable for one so young.

Watch Derek and Lindsay sing "Come to a Party/Nothing Short of Wonderful" or "First Date/Last Night" from Dogfight and follow him on Twitter.

Topshop Haul

I finally got a chance to film a video to show you all what I bought at Topshop in Chicago last weekend! Enjoy. xx

Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday everyone! Who has fun weekend plans? One of my best friends from high school is coming to spend the night with me and go shopping tomorrow. I can't wait!

1. Everyone loves Taylor Swift's fashion so this "Which Taylor Swift Red Carpet Look Describes Your Style?" quiz is absolutely perfect.

2. Laura Benanti wrote a beautiful and touching article about the stigma around miscarriages. As someone who has many family members who have gone through it and will probably go through it myself one day, I truly appreciated her honesty about the entire experience as much as it broke my heart to hear about hers.

3. My second profile for College Fashion is up! I'm so proud of how this one turned out. Sarah's style is preppy without being cliche.

4. Who else is super excited about Laura Osnes and Corey Cott being in The Bandstand together? This video from made me so sad I can't see it. Here's to hoping it'll make it to Broadway?

5. I love Rebecca's videos and her lipstick suggestions are always perfect for me since we have similar skin and hair tones. I actually bought the Topshop lipstick she talks about in this video and I can't wait to wear it!

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