Friday Internet Finds

I don't think I've ever been so excited for the weekend. This week, I had an essay due and a presentation....I'm looking forward to relaxing a bit. I'm actually going to the 6 Nations Scotland versus Italy rugby game tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out what's going on! What are you excited for this weekend?

1. Whether you're posting on behalf of a company or just for yourself, it's always good to know the best times to post on social media.

2. If you ever need reminded that being a functional human being is an accomplishment in itself, take this Buzzfeed quiz.

3. For any of my readers who are looking for formal dresses, I recently discovered Quiz. I ordered this dress because it reminds me of Mary's costumes on Reign.

4. These lipstick hacks from Seventeen are sooooo genius. #themoreyouknow

5. Who else is CRAZY excited for the new Cinderella movie? I mean, Richard Madden and Helena Bonham Carter and Holliday Grainger? It already has everything I could ever want from a movie.

The Last Five Years Review

You might have noticed that I love musicals. Honestly, if you haven't, then you've clearly not been on my blog long enough. I have a bit of an annoying habit of not being able to avoid talking about them.

Musical movies on the other hand....I'm skeptical of. There are some I won't even watch (Phantom of the Opera), some I adore regardless of their many flaws (Les Miserables), and now finally one that I love whole-heartedly: The Last Five Years.

Before buying the film on iTunes (the best $15 I ever spent; I actually have it playing right now in the background...for research purposes, of course), I had never seen or even listened to the musical. I vaguely knew that it charted the course of a couple's relationship in a non-chronological way. I knew that the existing cast recording had Norbert Leo Butz (of Wicked and Catch Me If You Can fame) and Sherie Renie Scott (who actually has a cameo in the movie!). I also knew that it starred Jeremy Jordan, which was more than enough for me.

Many fans of the show expressed doubts that the storyline would be understood in movie format as it jumps around without warning or explanation. However, I found it easy to follow once I knew the premise and enjoyed trying to guess what point of their relationship it was showing.

Jeremy Jordan was honestly better than even I expected (a huge compliment, believe me). Jordan's Jamie is charming, boyishly goofy, and sexy at the same time. He's an idealistic dreamer who breaks your heart as he breaks Cathy's. And still love him. His vocals are astounding and beautiful, pleasing to both a musical theatre fan and a casual viewer. His acting blew me away, as not all actors can make the transition from stage to screen so flawlessly.

The bigger surprise for me was Anna Kendrick's Cathy. Before this, I neither liked nor disliked Kendrick, but this film definitely changed my mind. She portrays a Cathy who is simultaneously vulnerable, determined, and frustrated. Her vocals fit the songs perfectly. I personally dislike the character of Cathy, but only because she reminds me too much of the person I'm afraid I might be; however, Kendrick made her sympathetic. She's also adorable in all of Cathy's cute outfits.

This movie also succeeded in making the singing seem realistic, which is always a struggle for a sung-through musical. Maybe it's because the film had composer Jason Robert Brown's help (and a cameo!) or maybe it's simply because it's a compelling tale. Either way, this film is the perfect movie musical in my mind.

I'm going to renew Tyler Oakley's request: please choose to see this movie instead of Fifty Shades of Grey. If you're not one of those blessed people who live in a city that is showing the movie, you can buy or rent it on iTunes. Don't deprive yourself of Jordan and Kendrick's performances or a realistic portrayal of how two people who are completely wrong for each other can still fall in love...and break each other's hearts.

20 Facts About Me

Today I filmed a "20 Facts About Me" video for my YouTube channel. It's honestly eight minutes of me rambling (completely unscripted). I talk about my Hogwarts house, my favorite Jane Austen hero, and my love for Pemberley Digital. Check it out below!

Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday everyone! I'm quite excited for this Friday because I'll be attending my first ball tonight...I can't believe it! What are you looking forward to this weekend?

1. To start off...I took this Buzzfeed quiz to find out which university I should study abroad at. I was so excited that I got the University of St Andrews; it made me feel better about being here!

2. Who else is excited out of their mind for Vogue's March cover with Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss? This article on Vogue's website has somehow made me even more excited than before!

3. Speaking of Taylor's time to find out which Taylor Swift era you embody, thanks to this Buzzfeed quiz. I got "Hipster Swift" and I've never been prouder.

4. This article on Carrie Hope Fletcher is absolutely adorable...just like her! If you're not watching her videos already, what are you waiting for?

5. The Last Five Years is finally out in select theatres (I'm very jealous if you live near one of them) and on iTunes. It's a fantastic adaption of the stage musical with a stunning cast (led by Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick) and also a very beautiful film cinematography-wise. I would urge all of you to see it instead of seeing Fifty Shades of Grey. Still not convinced? Watch Jeremy perform one of the songs from the film on Good Morning America. #bestillmyheart

That Red Lip Classic Thing That You Like

It's fairly obvious if you follow me on Instagram that I'm having a love affair with red lipstick. And since Taylor Swift is my number one fashion icon and inspiration, that's probably not very surprising.

I've always loved red lipstick, but before I always felt a little strange wearing it. Even if I was dressed nicely, I felt like red lipstick was calling too much attention to myself. Maybe it's my age or my new "shake it off" attitude, but since coming to St Andrews, I've been wearing it a lot!

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm facing a personal fear or maybe it just makes me feel like Taylor any case, I always feel more confident with red lipstick on!

My personal favorite is the Rimmel London matte red lipstick in shade 170 "Alarm." But it's very important to find one that suits your skin coloring! Do you like wearing red lipstick? What's your favorite brand and shade? Let me know in the comments! xx

Adventures in Cooking

To say that I'm not comfortable in a kitchen would be a huge understatement. Granted, I'm quite good at making muffins (from a box mix), pancakes (from a box of Bisquick), and microwavable meals.

Cooking has always been something I've struggled with. Maybe it's because during high school, I was too busy with AP classes and theatre rehearsals and dance classes to cook much. Maybe it's because I have a fear of ruining food and being left hungry. Maybe it's simply that I have anxiety around cooking.

In any case, when I was placed in a non-catered dorm for this semester, I was unhappy because I knew it meant I would have to cook most of my meals. Especially since the half hour walk into town is way too long to eat out every night.

Learning to cook has been a huge challenge, but one that I suppose would have happened next year when I moved into an apartment anyways. As of yet, the only thing I'm even mildly successful at is eggs. My friend Lucy and I struggle to make pasta together.

And the first fried egg with runny yolk I attempted turned into a fried through completely egg. The one bite with a runny yolk? Got dropped onto the floor. So basically, this hasn't been easy or at times fulfilling. It's very disappointing when you put in the time to attempt to cook something and it turns out tasting horrible and then you still have a pile of dishes to clean.

Here are some of my better attempts of the last few weeks:

My first attempt at scrambled eggs went surprisingly well
My first attempt at grilled cheese? Didn't go so great. 
After some minor mishaps, I managed to make a decent toastie. 
Tonight for dinner, I successfully made a fried egg!
If you want to know what I'm like in a kitchen, just watch Jim Chapman's latest video. Except that I can barely spell meringue, let alone make it. (Seriously, I misspelled it twice and it's in the video caption below.)

Do you like cooking or are you as hopeless in a kitchen as I am? Let me know in the comments! xx

Friday Internet Finds: Valentine's Day Edition

Happy Almost Valentine's Day! Or Single Appreciation Day or Galentine's Day, or whatever you prefer to call it. Honestly, Valentine's Day is one of my least favorite holidays, but I'm going to treat myself to a new book to make me feel better. Do you have fun Valentine's Day plans?

1. First of all, a shameless promotion of my university's student-run magazine, The Edge. It's being completely reborn this semester and I can't wait to get back and help out in the fall. This month's edition has several awesome Valentine's Day themed articles...go check it out!

2. Want to know "Which Game of Thrones Hunk Should Be Your Valentine?" Don't lie; of course you do.

3. This College Fashion tutorial on how to create Valentine's Day themed paint chip art is actually really adorable.

4. Check out this article from College Prepster's blog, guest-written by Maxie McCoy, on how to be the best Valentine (to your friends or yourself).

5. Most realistically: it's time to figure out "Which TV Show You Should Binge Watch Alone on Valentine's Day?" 

However you're spending your day tomorrow, I hope you have a great one!

What to Wear to a Midsummer Night's Dream Themed Ball

The title seems improbable, right? And yet, that's exactly what my plans for February 20th are. St Andrews is a strange but lovely place.

While I'm a bit limited in what I'll be wearing (both by distance from stores and money), I wanted to put together a more whimsical outfit for a fairy themed party.

I started with a beautiful pale pink Topshop dress that made me think of a fairy wonderland as soon as I saw it. I paired this with a pair of silver strappy heels (also from Topshop). In my opinion, the most important thing about choosing a pair of shoes for a party of any sort is that they will stay on your feet, hence, straps are your friend!

For accessories, the obvious choice is a delicate flower crown (this one is from H&M). I chose to mix it up with a bright blue Topshop crossbody. I love being able to throw my bag over my shoulder and not worry about it and this one is definitely big enough to fit all of your party essentials.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Letters to St Andrews Part II

Sorry I didn't make my usual Monday post this week...but that's because I have something special for you. That's right, the second Letters to St Andrews video!

Please let me know what you think of the video (and what you'd like to see more of) in the comments and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday everyone! Who's excited for the weekend? (I know I need it.)

1. Most importantly, it's time to find out "Which British Actor Should Be Your Valentine?" My result, naturally, was Tom Hiddleston. I accept 100%.

2. Speaking of lovely British men, I'm obsessed with this 8tracks playlist of handsome British men reading classic poetry and prose. Be still my heart.

3. So obsessed with these short films featuring--guess what?-- British actors recreating classic movie scenes.

4. I love plaid shirts, especially oversized ones from the men's department at H&M. Thus, I think this article from the Haute Notes on how to wear them is brilliant.

5. I've been wearing a lot of red lipstick lately (thanks, Taylor Swift!) so these tips on how to wear it are so helpful!

How to Wear a Bowler Hat

I love hats. I'm also fairly afraid of wearing hats. Back home, very few people wear hats and those that do tend to look like fashion I'm always a little worried that I'll just look like a fool! However, I recently purchased a bowler hat from H&M and I'm absolutely in love with it and I feel so good when I wear it! Sometimes, fashion risks are totally worth it.

However, I've found that the hat goes better with some outfits than others. So I thought I would put together a couple of ideas to help you! I chose a bowler hat from Boohoo that costs just 10 pounds for this post.
Hat, Shirt, Jeans, Boots
One look that I think looks really lovely is skinny jeans, a patterned button-down shirt, booties, and your hat. It's put-together without looking like you're trying too hard.

Hat, Shirt, Skirt, Jacket, Boots
I also quite like how a graphic tee and patterned skirt pair with a hat. Tuck the tee into the skirt, slide on boots and a leather jacket, throw your hat on your head...and be sure to perfect that "I don't care what you think; I know I'm cool" attitude that has to go along with hat-wearing (if you need inspiration, watch videos of T-Swift performing Blank Space).

Do you like wearing hats? If so, what kind of hats are your favorite? What do you wear them with? Let me know in the comments below. xx

Monday Favourites

Since this post seemed to go over so well last week, I figured I'd write another one for today! And there are so many things I'm enamored of in my new "home," which makes it easy to do.

Student Union Cafe
I'm completely in love with Rector's Cafe, located inside the Student Union building. Maybe it's because I'm a tea drinker and I love that they bring your tea in assorted adorable teapots or maybe I just love their music selection (Sunday my favorite Ed Sheeran song came on and I almost squealed). But if you're ever in St Andrews, I would definitely recommend stopping in. The food and drinks are good, the prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere is perfect for chatting with friends or working on your own.

Fairy Lights
I'm not allowed to have fairy lights of any kind back at Elon, so I knew that I wanted some for my room here. Plus, having the huge pinboards across the walls made them incredibly easy to hang. At Primark on Friday, I found a set of 20 LED fairy lights for just 3 pounds so I snatched them up and brought them home to put up. It makes my room feel so much cozier, especially at night time.

Primark Bag
This bag has quickly become my best friend and constant companion. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I absolutely adore this bag I bought at Primark on Friday. It was on sale for just 5 pounds, which is almost ridiculous considering how smart it looks. I also discovered that it's wide enough to fit my laptop or a notebook, which only furthered my infatuation.

Tyler Oakley Sweatshirt
It's fairly obvious that I love YouTubers and YouTube in general so this "I Can't Stop Watching YouTubers" sweatshirt is absolutely perfect for me. I got it for Christmas (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and it's probably the coziest, most comfortable item of clothing that I own. I'm also particularly fond of it right now because I wore it into the kitchen, which resulted in bonding with my kitchen-mates over our shared love of YouTube. #thankyoumagicalsweatshirt
Want one of your own? You can buy it here.

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