Friday Internet Finds

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope all of you had a great day eating lots of yummy food with your loved ones.

1) I'm totally obsessed with Zoe Sugg's book, Girl Online, and I'm only halfway through. Haven't bought it yet? You can find it here.

2) Very proud to say I only missed two on this "How Well Do You Know 'You've Got Mail'?" quiz. It's one of my favorite movies! How well did you do?

3) I rarely shop on Black Friday, but I couldn't resist ordering this coat online from Fossil. I've been looking for another coat and maroon is one of my favorite colors. Plus, it's $50 off and there's no shipping cost! I couldn't resist.

4) This Buzzfeed article on the "27 Reasons Studying Abroad in England Ruins You For Life" couldn't be more true. Which probably explains why I'm headed back to the UK for Round 2 in the spring...

5) The Wonder Forest has some great ideas for holiday gifts for your blogger friends...or any friends who love fashion!

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Would you be interested in seeing a post about my suggestions for great presents? Let me know in the comments!

Pre-Thanksgiving Mall Haul

It's so good to be home! Today my mom, my sister, and I spent the day at my favorite mall. We had a super fun day together; Hannah even built an Olaf at Build A Bear! I wanted to do a mini haul of some of the things I picked up today. There were some amazing sales already going on. To anyone actually going out shopping tomorrow or Friday, good luck and be safe! Happy Thanksgiving! 

Hue tights 
Hue polka dot leggings, Hue leggings with leather panels 
American Eagle Jegging Sweater
Lush Christmas Hedgehog Bath Bomb and
Northern Lights Bath Bomb

The Little Things

I only have two days of school this week and then I get to go home for Thanksgiving! This was my last full week of strange to think that I won't have another full week of school at Elon until next fall! What are your Thanksgiving plans? 

The perfect lunch: tea, a panini, a macaroon, and Youtube
videos on WWI poetry 

It's cold enough to wear my new maroon beanie
and I couldn't be happier 
A late night grocery store run always has good results, right? 
I can't wait for Vidcon this summer! 
My mom and sister came to see me Friday afternoon;
I'm so excited to see them again soon! 
Laser tag with my hallmates turned into a photo shoot
with my favorite freshmen 
My hall had Thanksgiving dinner last night and I ate so much
it kind of hurt #cantstopwontstopeating
Watched the AMAs with my hallmates;
I was so proud of Taylor! 

Friday Internet Finds

Fridays are always fun, but this Friday is especially wonderful because my mom and sister are coming to visit me at school! I'm very excited for Thanksgiving break, but I have a lot to get done this weekend before I can leave...Who else is spending this weekend cramming in as much work as possible?

1. I'm not even afraid to admit that this Harry Potter trivia BuzzFeed quiz kicked my butt. Can you do better than 7/15?

2. I'm always interested in tips on how to build my social media following and this article from The Fashion Spot has some great ones.

3. It's no secret that I'm an obsessive planner and never miss deadlines. How do I achieve that? Simple, I use my calendars and lists well. If you're looking for a planner but don't want to spend the money to buy one, try this printable version; I can't wait to start using them!

4. Aerie is doing some incredible work with their rejection of retouching images, as I've mentioned before. But the good news? Their profits have actually increased since starting the campaign. Other companies, take note.

5. I could not be more excited for the live-action Cinderella movie. Holliday Grainger, Richard Madden, and Helena Bonham Carter in one movie? Sign me up.

Madewell Wish List

Ever since I discovered it, Madewell has been one of my favorite stores. It's J. Crew's edgier, cooler sister store and I'm obsessed with it (three of my four pairs of jeans are from Madewell). This winter's collection is absolutely beautiful; I'm practically crying over their website. If I had unlimited funds (like Blair Waldorf seems to), here's what I would buy first.  

(1) Blanket Scarf ($65): I'm obsessed with all things plaid and desperately need more warm clothing for the winter.

(2) Crop Tee ($35): I wear my cropped black t-shirt from Nordstrom all the time...which means that I have to do wash way more frequently than I want to. I need another. 

(3) Meter Dress ($155): I'm keeping my eye on this dress, hoping that it will go on sale. I'm always in need of dresses that pair well with tights and I'm in love with this wonderful green color. 

(4) The Transport Tote ($168): I have to confess that I love big bags that you can throw a million things in. I want to be able to carry around my wallet, my phone charger, my laptop, and snacks and be able to throw my scarf, gloves, and hat into my bag if I get too warm. (Weather in North Carolina is so temperamental.) 

(5) Frontrunner Tee in Colorblock ($39.50): I barely own any long sleeve shirts and this one looks so comfy! 

(6) Softest Ribbed Circle Scarf ($59.50): I love anything in maroon because it's one of my school colors and one of my favorite colors. This scarf looks so soft-- I just want to squish my face on it. 

Madewell is having a Pinterest giveaway right now that could win you a trip to Paris!  Check out the details on their website

This post was not sponsored by Madewell or anyone in connection with Madewell. 

Featured on College Fashionista

 My friend Cameron writes for College Fashionista and she recently wrote her article on my outfit! I thought I should share it with you all -- fashion bloggers supporting each other is so important and it's a chance to share an (always elusive) outfit photo! Enjoy and keep on reading Cameron's articles. 

The Little Things

Another week gone means another week closer to Thanksgiving break and I can't be more excited. 

9 a.m. work is much easier with tea and a bagel
Torrance Coombs favoriting my tweet
about donuts? Perfection. 
I went to the formal for my friend's service fraternity
Saturday night and enjoyed getting to dress up despite the cold.
Of course, silly pictures ensued.
Steak & Shake runs at midnight are the best. But when
it's peppermint milkshake season, they're even better.

Friday Internet Finds

Happy Weekend, everyone! I know I'm very excited for the weekend to finally be here.

1. I'm a bit obsessed with making to do lists and this article on how to make effective ones is perfect for me!

2. Ever want to know which popular TV show you belong on? Apparently BuzzFeed can tell you.

3. I actually cried watching Sainsbury's Christmas ad.

4. This Buzzfeed article on Taylor Swift's new music video perfect.

5. I can always count on Hello Giggles for good articles and this one on the "Blank Space" video and the idea of the crazy girl doesn't disappoint.

6. And just in case you somehow haven't seen it's the best music video of all time.

Christmas List

It's that time of the year again...when everyone forgets that there's anything between Halloween and Christmas. Target has shelves of ornaments, Starbucks is serving up festive drinks in red cups, and I am making my annual Christmas list! 

I remember the days when my Christmas list was a list of books and doll outfits from American Girl. Things are a little more complicated now, particularly as I think about what I might need to pack for spending the spring in windy, rainy, cold Scotland. Good daughter that I am, I sent my mother my Christmas list this past weekend -- always best to try and get as much shopping done before December hits as possible. 

More Issues Than Vogue T-Shirt (Etsy, $14.63): Who could resist this shirt? It has the perfect attitude (that kind of reminds me of Taylor Swift's new video for "Blank Space") and is one of my favorite colors. 

Polka Dot Laptop Case (Isaac Mizrahi for Best Buy, $39.99): Everyone knows that I can't resist polka dots and I desperately need a new laptop sleeve. Mine is so blah! Practical presents: proof of how college forces you to grow up. 

Team Internet T-Shirt (Tyler Oakley Official Merchandise, $19.99): I'm a YouTube addict who aspires to work in the social media industry. How could I not love this shirt? Plus, more maroon. 

Les Miserables Phone Case (Red Bubble, $30): I'm so in love with my Disney Princesses phone case from Red Bubble and I hate not having a back-up case in case something happens. So what better than a case with the French flag and "Do You Hear the People Sing?" lyrics?

Hunter Packable Rain Boots (Nordstrom, $148, Green Matte Color): I've been needing new rain boots for a while as my old Target ones are starting to let in water, but I definitely can't head off to Scotland without a legitimate pair of wellies. Plus, I'm in love with the dark green color. 

Tabletop Tripod (Best Buy, $7.49): I've been wanting a tripod to vlog with and this tabletop one is too cute! It's a super affordable price and so light that I might even bring it to Scotland with me. My haul videos and vlogs will certainly look better with its help. 

What do you all want for the holidays? 

The Little Things

Looking over my pictures from the last week, I was shocked to find how few photos I had taken. I guess I was too busy even to take pictures!

I'm not going to lie: I freaked out when the
editor of Seventeen magazine replied to my tweet
I finally tried something new at Argo! Their tomato quiche
was very yummy...or maybe I was just happy from getting
into St Andrews? 
My mom and little sister came to visit for the day on Wednesday;
I was so happy to see my two favorite people! 
Starbucks got a Snapchat and it's
everything I could have hoped for

I'm still laughing at my friends' order at
Steak & Shake; it was so long we had to write it down!

Friday Internet Finds

This week's Friday Internet Finds is a bit Taylor Swift-themed (kind of like my entire life right now). I just can't get over how much I love 1989! What do you guys think of it?

1. This weekend brought some really great news...that I'm officially going to the University of St Andrews for the spring! So my first link for you is my new study abroad blog for the spring!

2. As someone who has been the single friend many times, this Buzzfeed article made me laugh a lot!

3. Even Forbes is talking about 1989's incredible sales in its first week: almost 1.3 million copies.  Taylor is the only artist to ever have three albums go platinum on their debut. I couldn't be happier for her!

4. Buzzfeed is asking the important questions..."Which One of Taylor Swift's BFFs Are You?" I'm very proud to report that I got Ed Sheeran. #sweeran

5. I'm a huge fan of Superfruit (the YouTube channel of two of the guys froPentatonix) and they recently did a cover of a 1989 medley. It's actual perfection.

Welcome to Fall

It's finally getting colder here, which I'm grateful for. (Of course, 30 degree mornings and 70 degree afternoons make getting dressed difficult, but I'll take what I can get.) Fall is by far my favorite season so I wanted to make a little list of all the reasons I love it. What's your favorite thing about fall?

The Little Things

This week was definitely improvement over the past few! Monday, I went to Target to get Taylor Swift's new album which is absolute perfection. Plus, Thursday I finally turned in the first draft of my Bonnie and Clyde paper which was a huge relief. And then it was time for #Halloweekend and some of the most fun I've ever had going out! How was your week? 

I still get proud when I see a huge stand of
Taylor Swift CDs 
These polaroids are one of the best ideas I've ever seen

Monday night, I got inducted into Phi Eta Sigma!
A few of the sources for my Bonnie and Clyde paper...
My rewards for turning my paper in! 
"Gatsby? What Gatsby?"  
What are flapper costumes without Great Gatsby quotes?
With my Stefphanies (having best friends
named Stefanie and Stephanie is difficult!)
Posing in character 
Tris, Taylor Swift, a frat bro, and a housewife
My first peppermint hot chocolate of this season
One of my friends had us over to her apartment
for a delicious homemade lunch today!

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