Friday Internet Finds

When you all are reading this, I'll be in New York City! Who else has fun Easter Weekend plans? Happy Easter to all my readers who celebrate x

1. Ever wanted to know what percent Schmidt from New Girl you are? This quiz can tell you. (I got 51% and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about that!)

2. I have several internship interviews this week so I found this article about how to dress for an interview very helpful, and I think you will too!

3. This Daveed Diggs interview is so lovely...(and the photos are adorable!)

4. If you need some cute animal photos to brighten your day, I've got you covered.

5. There's nothing better than a new Carrie Hope Fletcher Disney World vlog...and I love Epcot!

Review: C'est la Vie

If you love Paris, memoirs, or travel writing, then C'est la Vie by Suzy Gershman might be the book for you! This bestselling writer's memoir is subtitled "An American Woman Begins a New Life in Paris and -- Voila! -- Becomes Almost French" just about sums it up. 

As someone who loves all things French, I picked this up simply to read about life in Paris. But this memoir is much more. It explains how Suzy moved to France following her husband's unexpected death and how she copes with her grief in a new country. From an affair with a nobleman to figuring out how French kitchen appliances work, her stories are delightfully honest and funny.

I have to took me months to get through this book. Not because I'm a slow reader, but because I kept getting distracted by other books. The book is good, but not thrilling. Granted, it's divided into tiny chapters so it would be perfect to in very small intervals (like on the morning train or waiting in line at carpool. I also know that I struggled to relate to Suzy as she's much closer to my mother's age than my own, so a more mature audience might appreciate the memoir more.

Overall, I definitely recommend giving C'est la Vie a try...even if I don't think it's one I'm going to re-read.

Ipsy Glam Bag March 2016

Here's my review of my Ipsy Glam Bag for March. I'm really in love with this one! Don't forget to use my referral link if you decide to sign up for Ipsy. x

Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday! I'm so excited this weekend because it's the start of my spring break. Do you all have fun spring break plans?

1. This Teen Vogue article about Anthony Ramos (!!!), who plays Laurens and Phillip in Hamilton, is absolutely amazing. #literalrayofsunshine

2. Have you guys seen Zootopia yet? This "Are You More Judy Hopps or Assistant Mayor Bellwether?" quiz is amazing.

3. This fashion inspired by Outlander article is amazing. I've been thinking of watching the show...would any of you recommend it?

4. It's that time of the year when a lack of productivity can hit...Check out these seven tips for dealing with burnout from The Haute Notes.

5. If I ever needed another reason to love Emma Watson...we agree on which Hogwarts houses Hamilton characters belong in.

Sorting Hamilton into Hogwarts with Emma Watson
I talked to Emma Watson for #HeforShe, but not before sorting Hamilton the Musical characters into Hogwarts houses. Full interview coming up later today!
Posted by Lin-Manuel Miranda on Thursday, 17 March 2016

THROWBACK! London Vlog

I found this little vlog from July 2014 while going through my files recently. It's from when Stefanie and I spent a week in London after our time at the University of Sussex. Remember that? We try on crazy outfits at Topshop, get Carrie Hope Fletcher to say hi, and dance around to our favorite song...and now you can finally watch!

(And yes, it was filmed on my iPhone. Filming is terrible, editing is terrible, but the content is A+.)

What's in my Makeup Bag

Ever wanted to know what makeup I use on a daily basis? I filmed a little video about it! x

Friday Internet Finds

This week seemed to fly by! For once, I actually have fun weekend plans (when does that happen?). What are you all doing this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

1. As I'm looking for an internship for the coming summer, I'm also starting to think about what to wear to an office. This article from College Fashion has some great ideas!

2. Who else was super excited about the news about the upcoming Anastasia musical? I may try to go  to Connecticut see it this summer!

3. This BWW quiz lets you know which book that inspired a current musical you should read!

4. Speaking of quizzes, this Buzzfeed one can tell you if you're an introvert or extrovert based on your taste in Disney characters. #proudambivert

5. I am so proud of Louise for announcing that she's a UN ambassador for Gender Equality on International Women's Day! Gender equality is so important and it's wonderful to see someone like Louise using her platform for change.

Hamilton Inspired Outfits

Lately, I've definitely been channeling the Schuyler Sisters into my outfits so I wanted to share some inspiration for how to incorporate our favorite Hamilton girls into your wardrobes. Let me know if you like this type of posts...and if you'd like to see one for our favorite revolutionaries!

"history is happening in manhattan and we just happen to be 
in the greatest city in the world" 

"Schuyler Sisters" was the inspiration behind this outfit as it's cool but effortless. The New York t-shirt (H&M, $12.99) pays homage to the city that the Schuyler sisters love, while the grey ripped jeans (Topshop, $75) are a nod to their independence and rebellion. The leather Vans slip-ons (Nordstroms, $59.95) are comfortable but a bit edgy looking and the tote bag (Steve Madden, $98) could definitely hold a copy of Common Sense. I topped it off with one of Viscountess's bows (Viscountess on StoreEnvy, $21.95) as a fairly obvious reference to Angelica's copper colored costumes. 

"look into your eyes and the sky's the limit
i'm helpless" 

This more formal outfit was inspired by Eliza's beautifully sweet love song, "Helpless." I paired an adorable blue dress (ASOS, $51) with sky-high-- see what I did there?-- heels (Forever 21, $89) and a classy bucket bag (Zara, $49). To channel Eliza, I wanted a look that was girly and sweet, but still strong...just like her!

"he was right,
you will never be satisfied" 

I wanted to put together an office appropriate outfit based on "Satisfied." Part of what I love about Angelica is her intelligence and her determination...qualities everyone wants to bring to the work place! I stuck to a sophisticated palate of black and white with a printed skirt (Zara, $49), tie blouse (H&M, $29.99), and black blazer (Topshop, $95). I accessorized with a structured bag (Kate Spade, $298) as a nod to Angelica's rational side and black booties (Madewell, $179.50 on sale).

February Favorites

Check out some things I loved in February from my new favorite primer to the Tangle Teaser!

Friday Internet Finds

Can you believe it's already Friday? This week seemed to fly by!

1. This collection of photos of six small but beautiful kitchens has made me so excited for apartment living.

2. Elizabeth Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton's wife, was undoubtedly the "best of wives and best of women." And this article from the Smithsonian tells us why.

3. Ever wanted to know "Which Musical Bad Girl Are You?" (Of course, you have!) This Buzzfeed quiz can tell you.

4. Who else is super excited about Zoe Sugg's announcement about the WHSmith and Zoella book club?

5. I am so proud of Killian Donnelly for being nominated for an Olivier Award for the second year in a row! (What can I say? I pick my favorites well.) This video of him talking about the nomination absolutely warmed my heart.

Saying Goodbye to Miss Saigon

London said goodbye to its production of Miss Saigon on February 27 and, yes, my heart broke a little bit. But the good news is that Miss Saigon will soon be reaching even more people!

My Saigon Story 
I was lucky enough to see the West End production of Miss Saigon twice. I first heard of the production when Alistair Brammer was cast and followed along throughout the rehearsals and opening. I got to see it the first time in July 2014, with Alistair Brammer and Eva Noblezada as Chris and Kim. If I thought I'd loved the show before, I couldn't even fathom how much I adored it now. I can honestly say I've never cried that much before in a show! Being with my friend, Stefanie, who had fallen in love with the show alongside me made the experience even more special. And after, I got to meet Eva at stage door and we bonded over both being from North Carolina. It's so inspiring to me to see another North Carolina girl, even younger than me, achieving her dreams in the industry I want to work in.

I was able to see it again in March 2015, this time with Niall Sheehy and Tanya Manalang as Chris and Kim. I cannot even tell you how lucky this production was to have understudies and alternates and swings legitimately as talented as their leads. I loved getting to introduce my mom to the show and see her reactions to it. You can read my full review of that performance here.

The Big News 
In addition to the upcoming Broadway production with Eva Noblezada and the incredible Jon Jon Briones as Kim and the Engineer in Spring 2017 (and yes, I 100% intend to see it multiple times), Cameron Mackintosh announced some exciting news. The 25th Anniversary Gala performance that occurred September was filmed and will be shown in cinemas this coming fall.

Additionally, Mackintosh said that he is working on a film adaption of Miss Saigon, similar to the 2012 Les Miserables film. I think that Miss Saigon is particularly well suited to being adapted to the screen; imagine how amazing Kim's Nightmare could be! Read more about Mackintosh's announcements here and here.

So, even though I'm fairly bummed about the production closing (Jon Jon Briones is already back in LA!), we Miss Saigon fans definitely have a lot to look forward to.

Who else is excited out of their mind for a Miss Saigon film adaption? Any hopes for casting? And who else got a chance to see the London production while it lasted? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter at @nicoleackman16.
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