Internet Find Friday

Sorry for the lack of posts this week; I'm on spring break right now and have been enjoying relaxing with my family! Here are this week's internet finds...

1. A French artist redid a map of the Paris Metro with women's names. I especially love it as a station is named after Mary Wollstonecraft, one of my favorite historical figures!

2. Have you guys seen Divergent yet? I saw it the night it came out and I thought it was great. I'm reading the book right now.

3. Speaking of Divergent, Buzzfeed has a quiz to tell you which faction you are. I got Amity (although I'm forever torn between that and Erudite).

4. A Nigerian novelist wrote a great article about how smart women are expected to not care about their clothes or appearance. As an academic and a fashion blogger, I really connect with this!

5. I'm so happy I found this article on how to do yoga at home. Now I'm all set to do it in my dorm!

6. The whole cast of Noah looked gorgeous at its NYC premiere, especially Emma Watson. I saw Noah today and it's an incredibly epic movie. Emma Watson definitely proved herself to be a serious and talented actress.

7. I recently discovered Love, Lenore and it's quickly become one of my favorite fashion blogs. Jacy has an incredible eye for style.

Just Read: The Devil Wears Prada

I just finished The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger...and I hated it.

It took me nearly six months to read (although I think being at university is partially to blame for that). I finally sat down and finished it today because I was tired of it staring at me from my bookshelf. I have to admit that I liked the premise of the novel and found the writing to be decent. I loved to hate the character of Miranda and I appreciated the character of Emily.

But I hated all of the other characters. I was never sure why I was supposed to like Andrea's alcoholic best friend, Lily, or her saintly boyfriend, Alex. Every time I began to be attracted to the bad-boy Christian, Weisberger described him in a way that repulsed me. But it was Andrea herself who really bothered me.

Andrea spends the entire book complaining about her job, Runway magazine, and her boss, Miranda. She thinks that she is better than everyone else because she aspires to work at a "real" magazine, the New Yorker. As someone interested in the fashion industry, I personally found her to be quite offensive as she looked down on everyone involved in fashion. I thought she was pretentious and stuck-up (worse than Miranda!) to condemn everyone in the industry based on her hatred of her boss.

I only completed reading the book because I was fascinated by the glimpses into the world of fashion magazines, an industry that I would love to work in one day. While I won't argue that Miranda was certainly a bitch, I thought that the energy of working at the magazine sounded intoxicating.

I hoped that the author, Weisberger, would end the book on a good note by using the character of Loretta (a woman who works for Seventeen magazine and befriends Andrea at the end of the novel) to show that Runway was not a reflection of all fashion magazines. However, Weisberger never truly articulated this point. At the end of the novel, I was simply pleased to be finished with whiny stuck-up Andy.

Maybe it's just me who hated this book so much, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it. I'm planning on watching the 2006 movie (starring Anne Hathaway as the whiny Andrea and the acting goddess Meryl Streep as the formidable Miranda) to see if it fixed any of my problems with the book.

Rating: 5/10

Meet Maggie

I'm starting a new series in which I'll profile fashionable people that I see around campus or at home. By doing this series, I can expand my blog to include different types of fashion than I typically wear and people who inspire the way that I dress! If you know of someone that you think should be featured on my blog, leave a comment or send me an email. 

Maggie and I have had French class together for two semesters now. I'm always so impressed with how she manages to put together very classic outfits that are cute and creative!  

Name: Maggie
Year: Freshman
Homestate: New Jersey
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: French
Outfit: Vest: Eddie Bauer, Sweater: Marshall’s,
Pants: Gap, Watch: Etsy, Boots: Polo Ralph Lauren

What are your favorite stores?
"I really like Polo Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, and Ann Taylor LOFT. They all have clothes that are a classic style and that you will be able to wear for a long time. But I have made some awesome finds at stores like Target and Marshall’s so I’m never particular when it comes to shopping."

Who are your favorite designers? 
"One of my absolute favorite designers is Alexander McQueen. Kate Middleton wears his clothes a lot, and I obsess over her outfits all the time. She is so well dressed! He often combines classic looks with modern trends, so I look to his clothes (and the Duchess’s outfit choices!) to help me with my own outfits."

Where do you find your fashion inspiration? 
"In addition to Kate Middleton, a lot of the outfits that I wear are really inspired by the people that I am around on a daily basis. In high school, I looked up to my older sister a lot and emulated some of my favorite outfits that she wore. Now that I am here at university, there is even more inspiration everywhere I look. The diverse styles that I see while walking around campus every day give me more confidence to try out different looks that I see while adding my own touch to personalize it."

What are some of your favorite trends?
"In general, I look for clothes that are timeless and that I’ll be able to wear as trends come and go. My absolute favorite accessory to add to an outfit is glasses. I was always the kid that didn’t need them but wanted them, so I finally decided one day to buy a fake pair and now I wear them all the time. There are, however, a few current trends that I like. I have been debating dying my hair ombré for the longest time, although I know it is one of those trends that I will probably laugh about a few years down the road. I also just bought a pair of patterned harem pants, which I am so excited to wear! They are so perfect for spring as the weather transitions into warmer temperatures." 

Internet Find Friday

1. College Fashion recently published an interesting post on the gender wage gap, particularly as it pertains to the fashion industry. I can't believe that this issue still persists in 2014!

2. I'm a little incredibly obsessed with Once Upon a Time and Buzzfeed has a new quiz: "Which Once Upon A Time Character Are You?"

3. Thought Catalog has a great article about why girls wear make-up. I totally agree with this: I feel like wearing makeup is the equivalent of wearing jeans instead of sweats!

4. I've totally got a girl crush on Emma Watson. Who doesn't? Glamour Magazine put together a compilation of some of her best looks over the years. So gorgeous!

5. My list is shorter than normal today because I'm home from university to go see Evita tonight! The US tour cast seems so talented, based on their promo video!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Welcome to Spring...Kind Of.

Dress: Topshop (Similar), Vest: J. Crew (Similar), Boots: Target, Knee Socks: Target

Despite the fact that we had an ice storm last week that knocked my dorm's power out for 24 hours, yesterday's temperature was in the 70's. It was the first true day of spring this year! Unfortunately, we're about to return to winter within a few days. 

I wanted to take advantage of this great weather and wear my J. Crew denim vest that I got for Christmas for the first time. I paired it with my maroon dress because yesterday was my university's 125th anniversary and they were encouraging everyone to wear school colors. 

I got my hair done at the Job and Internship Fair yesterday. My school hosted lots of companies to come and talk to students; they also had salon people to do your hair before taking a professional looking photo to put on your LinkedIn profile. I was so happy with the results! 

Special thanks to my friend, Stefanie, who agreed to play photographer and took these photos for me. She's an angel because she dealt with me not being able to stop laughing at how awkward I felt -- and she actually managed to get some great photos out of it! 

Internet Find Friday

I can't believe it's already Friday again! This week has absolutely flown by. Did you guys have a good week?

1. So I mentioned in my last Internet Find Friday post that I'm obsessed with the Superfruit youtube channel. My favorite this week (I've watched it at least ten times!) is their video called "101 Ways to Ditch Your Friends."

2. I found a Buzzfeed quiz, "Which Jane Austen Hero Is Your Soulmate?" I got Mr. Knightley, which is lovely, because when I took the "Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You?" quiz, I got Emma Woodhouse. Also, Knightley's always been my favorite :)

3. Last night I saw the Moscow City Ballet perform "Sleeping Beauty" at my university and they were fantastic. I found this video of them on youtube.

4. I'm fascinated by this online poverty simulation. You have to make choices and see if you can make it through the month without losing your home, or worse. I think it's a great tool to teach more financially stable people about the difficulties that people living at or near the poverty level experience.

5. If you want a cute craft to decorate your walls, check out this DIY Wall Art. I totally want to make these for my dorm room!

6. This girl took the lyrics to "Let It Go" and translated them through multiple languages on Google Translate and then back into English. The result is hilarious!

7. I'm absolutely in love with 8tracks (I made a playlist of female empowerment songs from musical theatre!). I particularly like this playlist called "Three Hours of Studying." It's a mix of folk and indie rock music and I love using it as background music while I study.

Announcement: I'm Going to England this Summer!

I'm going to England!

I got an email this morning letting me know that I was accepted to study at a university in England this summer! My best friend, Stefanie, and I are going together and will be spending four days in London after our classes finish.

I'm so excited to take a specialized European history course (hopefully I get into the Tudor England module that I want!), but I'm also really looking forward to shopping at Zara and Topshop. Stefanie has never been to either, so I get to introduce her to them! I can't wait to get inspired by British fashion and see how my style is influenced by my time there.

I'm already thinking about packing even though I don't leave until June. I've already decided on what I want to wear on the airplane: tunic, leggings, jean jacket, and combat boots. I recently bought a faux leather duffel from Forever 21 to use as my airplane bag. 

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