Theatre Lover Gift Guide

There are so many gift guides floating around right now (one of the best parts of Vlogmas/Blogmas), so I decided to compile a little one of seven great gifts for the theatre nerd in your life...or for you to put on your holiday wish list! 

None of these are that expensive, so they make perfect presents for friends or siblings. Thursday, I'll upload a video on the same topic in case you want to know more!

Red Bubble Musical Theatre Stickers 
There's nothing I love more than a cute personalized sticker that put on my laptop or a notebook and RedBubble has the best selection. You can find stickers for everything from Hamilton to Les Mis to Bonnie and Clyde. These make a great addition to a present and can also be slipped inside a holiday card. 

Gagged Chokers
Courtney Reed, who plays Jasmine in Aladdin, and a few of her friends have an online store for homemade chokers. I own one myself and ordered three for friends as Christmas presents. They're incredibly well made made and not expensive for a handmade item. They currently have a holiday collection that is absolutely beautiful. 

A Dozen Schmackary's Cookies
If you've been to New York City and you haven't been to Schmackary's, you are missing out. Schmackary's is a cookie store with specialized flavors just a few blocks away from Times Square. The best news is that the ship nationwide and $25 for a dozen of these cookies is well worth it.

When I introduced Kendal to Schmackary's
our first weekend in New York City

Broadway Coloring Book 
Coloring books are very on trend right now so what could be better than a Broadway coloring book? I personally would absolutely love to color in one of these. 

Hamilton Mixtape
The Hamilton Mixtape would make an amazing gift for anyone who is a theatre fan...or even someone who isn't. It features so many different artists from John Legend to Sia to Wiz Khalifa with new songs and covers from Hamilton

Andrew Chappelle Mug 
Hamilton fans might like one of cast member (and super swing) Andrew Chappelle's mugs or T-shirts. Andrew is definitely a fan favorite and his merchandise is utterly adorable...just like him! 

Leslie Odom Jr.'s Christmas Album
Leslie Odom Jr. released an absolutely beautiful Christmas album called "Simply Christmas" last month. (I even broke my no Christmas music before Thanksgiving rule for it!) It features jazzy renditions of songs like "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and "I'll Be Home for Christmas." It's a lovely album that I think any theatre fan would love to listen to during the holiday season.

Make sure to leave your suggestions for gifts for theatre fans in the comments below! x

Review: She Loves Me Screening

On December 1, Fathom Events and Broadway HD paired up to screen the filmed version of Roundabout's production She Loves Me to movie theaters across the United States. I could write an entire post (and probably will at some point in the next few months) about how important screenings and livestreamings are for making theatre more accessible and less elitist. I actually saw the production four times this summer (review) and watched the livestream as it occurred, but I still immediately jumped on tickets to see it in the cinema.

Simply put, watching She Loves Me last night felt like greeting a dear friend. I'll never be over how amazingly detailed and beautiful the costumes and set were for this show. Amalia's pajamas during the "Vanilla Ice Cream" sequence might just be one of my favorite costumes of all time. The filming of the show was also incredibly well done; it managed to capture every little moment that I wanted to see, even when that actor wasn't the center of attention. It was the best filming of a live show I've ever seen.

It's so secret that Laura Benanti is my favorite Broadway actress and I have become more enamored of her Amalia Bolish every time I've seen the show. My little sister leaned over to me and said "hashtag goals" during "Will He Like Me" and I couldn't agree more. Laura does a fabulous job of combining humor with vulnerability, especially in the café scenes. One thing that I noticed last night that I didn't notice when I saw the show live: how flawless her hair was the entire show.

I've loved Zachary Levi ever since he voiced Flynn Rider and getting to meet him four times at stage door this summer only made me love him more. His George Nowack is incredibly endearing. Zac truly shines in the hilarious (and relatable) "Tonight at Eight" and shows a lovely softer side in the finale scene.

Jane Krakowski is stunning as the unlucky-in-love Ilona Ritter and her "I Resolve" may honestly hold the best acting of the entire show. Gavin Creel is the perfect villain that you love to hate as Steven Kodaly and his "Ilona" and "Grand Knowing You" are showstoppers. (My friends can tell you about how I have a strange habit of doing lunges while singing Ilona. I have no idea where it came from, but I did them all over New York City this summer.)

I truly think that Nicholas Barasch, who plays Arpad, is a future Broadway star. His "Try Me" is frankly one of the best performances of the show and it's astounding to consider how he holds his own in this star-studded cast.

I'm actually considering buying a subscription to Broadway HD so that I can have constant access to this show and to support them in their efforts to make Broadway more accessible for everyone. If you didn't get a chance to see this glorious production of She Loves Me at the cinema, then you can watch it now on Broadway HD.
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