Friday Internet Finds

Hi everyone! We're finally back to regularly scheduled Friday Internet Finds posts. By the time this is published, I'll be at the zoo with friends. (We're totally grown up, hush.) Then, I'm off to the beach for the weekend. What are your weekend plans?

1. For anyone who wants to get more involved with the fashion field, this round-up of common fashion vocabulary is totally useful. I finally learned the difference between "relaxed" and "oversize."

2. This "9 Style Rules Every Working Woman Should Follow" post might be helpful to those of you with jobs or internships this summer. I'm definitely filing it away for future reference.

3. I was super happy when I took this "Which Queen Bee Are You?" quiz and got Blair Waldorf. It totally confirmed my belief that I need to start watching Gossip Girl as soon as possible.

4. Hello Giggles is an adorable website and I especially love this "10 Underrated Qualities that are Ridiculously Attractive" article. (#8 is so true!)

5. This Thought Catalog "25 Things Every Woman Should Have By the Time She Turns 25" article is super inspiring. #newlifegoals
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