Friday Internet Finds

Hello everyone! I've been terribly busy with schoolwork and exploring Brighton, but I managed to put together a Friday Internet Finds for you. Hopefully, normal scheduling will recommence soon.

1. I am absolutely obsessed with the vlogger Zoella. Whether it's watching her vlogs on her side channel or her hauls on her main channel, I just can't get enough. Plus, she lives in Brighton which is just too cool! 

2. No Friday Internet Finds is complete without a Buzzfeed quiz and I love this "Which Disney Princess Should Be Your BFF?" one! I got Anna, which makes perfect sense. 

3. I can't wait for my family's trip to Florida later this month. This Buzzfeed article about the new Diagon Alley at Universal made me so excited! 

4. I wear contacts most of the time, so I'm never sure how to adjust my makeup on the days that I wear my glasses. This article will be super helpful! 

5. Packing is something that I always think about months in advance and I love reading articles about packing tips. This internship packing guide is very well put-together!

And to my American readers, Happy Fourth of July! 
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