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I realized that I talk a lot on Flower Crowns and Revolutionaries about well-known vloggers, bloggers, and actors. However, I also know a lot of incredible up-and-coming content creators, so I thought it might be great to share some of my favorites with you! While the people who are "famous" certainly gained their fame for a reason, it's so important to encourage new talent. These are some of my favorites; I hope you'll love them (and subscribe!) too.

If you love Scottish accents, Disney princesses, and Taylor Swift, then you'll love Rebecca! Rebecca is a Scottish student with just over 2,000 subscribers who posts hauls, makeup tutorials, and tag videos. Subscribe now so that in a year or two, you can tell people that you watched Rebecca's videos before she got famous.

Kenny is actually a good friend of mine through my best friend, Lucy. (She introduced us via the Internet so we've actually never met in person, but we talk about theatre and YouTube all the time!) He's hilarious and Belgian; I always look forward to his videos because I know they'll make me laugh. I tweeted the video below to Laura Benanti and she favorited my tweet!

It's no secret that I love Miss Saigon, so it makes sense that I love Dressing Room Fourteen! Two of the cast members of the West End cast of Miss Saigon, Simon Hardwick and Ethan Le Phong, run a behind-the-scenes vlog. They recently vlogged West End Live and it was so great to have a glimpse of how the cast experiences it. I actually met Ethan at stage door when I saw Miss Saigon in March and he was absolutely lovely!

Alyson and I went to the same university freshman year before she transferred to a different school. When I found her YouTube channel via her Twitter, I was so happy! Alyson has some great travel and concert vlogs and I love her latest Favorites video. Be sure to check her out!

These are some of my favorite lesser-known vloggers of the moment! Let me know if you check them out and please give me your suggestions for YouTube channels to watch. xx
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