Friday Internet Finds

Hi, everyone! I am indeed alive and I am BACK! January was a crazy month for me that ended up in a not-so-planned hiatus from blogging. I was taking a StudyUSA class about the sociology of happiness at Disney parks and thus spent a week in DisneyWorld and a week in Disneyland. All of this left me with little time to sleep, let alone blog!

In any case, I'm back, with another Friday Internet Finds right before the spring semester starts for me.

1. I loved seeing College Fashion's response to the question "Do I need cute loungewear?" I'm obsessed with having pajamas that are both comfy and adorable.

2. #ICYMI Lin Manuel Miranda did the "warnings" at Les Miserables the other day...and filmed it all! Could this man be any cuter?

3. Ever wanted to know what Hogwarts guy you would date? This Buzzfeed quiz gives very detailed results.

4. I actually love this article about why the world needs each Myers-Briggs personality type. What is your Myers Briggs? (I'm an ENFJ!)

5. Who is excited for Grease Live! on Sunday? Watch this interview with Aaron Tveit to get ready.

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