Review: She Loves Me on Broadway

On May 28, I finally achieved two of my life goals: I saw Laura Benanti perform live and I met the voice actor behind my favorite Disney prince (Flynn Rider, of course).

If you're in New York, go see She Loves Me as soon as you can (especially because it closes July 10). If you've seen the movie You've Got Mail, then the plot may seem familiar: parfumerie employees Amalia and Georg are at odds in their daily life, but they each have an anonymous pen pal that they're in love with...any guesses how it ends? 

Laura Benanti is absolutely stunning in the lead role of Amalia. When I saw the show, she was actually sick with a cold but her vocals were still insanely amazing. I've loved Laura for years, but seeing her live completely exceeded all my expectations. She's absolutely charming as Amalia and the audience can't help but like her. (Side note: She doesn't stage door most of the time because of how often she's been sick, but she sends out a stack of signed playbills. Bless her.) 

If having Flynn Rider's voice wasn't enough to make me adore Zachary Levi, his lovely portrayal of Georg certainly did the trick. His vocals surprised me by how good he was (not that I'd doubted him; I just had never heard him sing like that before) and his comedic timing was impeccable. I came out of the theatre kind of in love with Georg myself.

Zachary Levi was the absolute nicest at stage door!
I also can't not mention Gavin Creel and Jane Krakowski, both of whom make their somewhat odd characters so very likable. Their dancing and chemistry are both incredible and I had no idea that Jane can sing as well as she can. She's so much tinier in person than you would expect and photos and video somehow do not do justice to how pretty she is. 

If I had an infinite supply of money, I would go see this show every single day (in addition to buying Hamilton tickets). It's by far my favorite thing I've seen on Broadway this summer and not just because I too would fall in love with a guy who brought me vanilla ice cream. x
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