How to Get Inexpensive Broadway Tickets

How did I see five shows in one week for under $175 total? I filmed a video to share all my tips on how to get inexpensive tickets to Broadway shows!

One of the easiest, if least successful, ways to get inexpensive tickets is to enter lotteries. You simply put your name and information into a website the morning of a show and then find out later in the day if you won or not. If you were chosen, then you get your seats for $30 to $40! (Note: Some shows, like Something Rotten and Kinky Boots, have lotteries that you can enter for the next eight performances at a time.) 

If you have a few hours to spare in the morning of a show, then rush tickets are one of the best ways to get seats. Simply show up in the morning about an hour before the box office opens, wait in line, and then you'll be let into the box office to purchase tickets. Typically rush tickets range from $30-50. Not all shows do rush, so make sure to look it up online (or ask me in the comments) before you go! 

Programs like Hiptix and Linctix offer discounted tickets booked in advance for young people. You simply become a member of the program (for free) and then can purchase certain tickets to productions through those theater companies. For example, I got $25 She Loves Me tickets (in the back of the mezzanine) through Hiptix because I fit into its age range, which is 18-30 years old.  

If you don't have the TodayTix app, download it right now! It's completely free and you can also enter some lotteries on it. It allows you to buy discounted tickets up to a week out and will sometimes even give you vouchers to save more. Often, the tickets for rear mezzanine get down as low as $37 and it's a bit more reliable than hoping to win a lottery or hoping that they won't run out of rush tickets. 

Do you have tips for getting inexpensive tickets to Broadway shows? Make sure to leave them in the comments below. x
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