Playlists for the Ladies of Hamilton

I recently downloaded Spotify (late to the game, I know) and immediately started making playlists based on the ladies of Hamilton. I decided to center them around Eliza, Angelica, and Maria Reynolds as the three female characters with the strongest aesthetics. I'm still crafting them (and honestly don't know enough non-musical theatre music), so if you have suggestions for songs to add to any of them, please leave them in the comments below!

Eliza Schuyler | and my heart went boom 
Eliza's playlist is centered around cute love songs and that helpless feeling when you're falling for someone. It's the happiest and lightest of the three playlists.

Angelica Schuyler | i will never be satisfied 
I decided to make Angelica's playlist a collection of girl power jams, sprinkled with a few songs that hint at her complicated relationship with Alexander Hamilton. If you need to pump yourself up, this is the one to choose! 

Maria Reynolds | someone under stress meets someone looking pretty 
For Maria, I chose sultry songs and anything that hints at being a mess or going after a guy that you shouldn't. I know that this is going to become my playlist for when I'm doing my makeup to get ready to go out to a party.

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