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One of the biggest struggles that I have when booking tickets for shows is not knowing what the view will be like from a specific seat. Theatres are structured so differently that sometimes a seat in one theatre is great, while in another theatre that same seat might be terrible. Stages tend to be different heights (influencing the view from the front row), seats are spaced differently, and some theatres have columns that obstruct views.

Recently, I was booking tickets to The Play That Goes Wrong as an early birthday treat for my best friend when he comes to visit London later this month. I've never been in the theatre, but I stumbled across while trying to find out what the inside of the theatre looks like. Imagine my delight when they contacted me only a few days later to ask if I was interested in reviewing their sight!

The site has seating charts for a bunch of theatres from across the UK, including London, Edinburgh, Milton Keynes, and a few others. (You don't even need to know the name of the theatre; you can search by show.) You can click on specific seats to see reviews of them, complete with star ratings of comfort, legroom, and view. A lot of the reviews also feature photos from the seat which are incredibly helpful.

I recently used SeatPlan to check out the seat that I bought for when I see Heathers at The Other Palace later this summer.

The Other Palace
 You can sign up to the site to submit reviews of your own. If you upload a photo with your review, then you get points which you can later cash in for theatre tokens. I haven't done this yet, but you can bet I'll be doing it in the future! You can also buy tickets directly through SeatPlan which is a great feature.

The Queen's Theatre
Have you guys tried out SeatPlan? Whether you actively submit reviews or just use it to check your seats before purchasing, it's a great resource for the British theatre community.
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