The Sunday Summary | September 22

It's crazy how quickly September is going by. September is definitely my favorite month of the year; I'm an autumn girl at heart.

I recently rewatched "Bride and Prejudice" for my first article for In Their Own League, a new film website focused on women in film. This movie is a Bollywood-style adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice" set in modern-day India. It's such a delight, and a clever adaptation of Jane Austen's classic as well.

Naturally, I went to see the "Downton Abbey" movie when it had a special early release across the country on September 12. I absolutely love the series and the movie was the perfect add-on, full of heart and warmth and fun (and zingers from Lady Violet). You can find my full thoughts in my review for Next Best Picture.

If you're looking for a song with some great autumn vibes, then check out Zach Adkin's recent release "Dexter Hall." It's part of his EP which comes out later this year. You might know Zach from playing Dmitri in Broadway's "Anastasia" and I'm very excited to see him as Tony in North Carolina Theatre's "West Side Story" next month.

1) Another Sunday Summary, another bestdressed video? You bet. In this video, Ashley shares some tips for keeping a journal consistently, something I've always struggled with and am trying to get better at.

2) My favorite BookTuber, Lucy Powrie, is one of the hosts of an October reading challenge called Victober. The hosts have set different challenges all related to Victorian literature and I can't wait to take part. This video contains more information.

3) I'm so thrilled that SophieBelleBrown is posting to her personal channel again. This Primark haul is adorable and full of wonderful floral things.

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