Why Captain Marvel is the Most Powerful Avenger (Guest Post by Hannah Ackman)

My teenage sister Hannah previously wrote a piece on my blog about Amy March and Greta Gerwig's Little Women. She's back today with a piece on her favorite Marvel superhero and keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming piece all about her newfound love for Star Wars...

In 2019, Marvel released their first solo film of a female character starring Brie Larson. It was the fifth-highest grossing film of 2019 and the 23rd of all time. Brie Larson trained hard for nine-months to do her own stunts in the movie, essentially becoming Carol Danvers as much as possible in her physique and strength. That dedication transferred into her embodiment of the character in filming, filling the spot of an iconic feminist character for Marvel fans all over the world. There are so many female characters highlighted in the films, but there is something about Captain Marvel that makes her different. Maybe I am biased, as she is my favorite character, but I think it comes down to three main things. 

One: She has her own movie! She is the first (and only) female avenger to have a solo movie thus far. Marvel originally wanted to release the first female solo superhero movie but was beat by Sony with their Wonder Woman movie. However, I think that the intensity, art, and power shown in Captain Marvel far outranks Wonder Woman (sorry!). Additionally, there is no love interest shown. She has friends, Nick Fury and Maria Rambeau, but there is no canon romance. Better yet, it was directed by Anna Boden, a female! 

Two: She isn’t sexy! She is not used for her beauty, sex appeal, or being a girl. A man could do everything she does, she is incredible because of her powers and personality not because of her gender. Her costume is very covering; it features pants and long sleeves, which is ideal for fighting. Most of the other female superheroes, in both Marvel and DC, have low-cut revealing tops, short skirts, and outfits that are impractical for the dangerous situation they experience. Captain Marvel even is sometimes seen with her hair tucked up into a helmet, another practical feature usually reserved for the male heroes. 

Three: She is amazing before she gets her powers when she is an air force pilot. Let me repeat that, she is in the air force! As a girl! Since Carol was a child, she wanted to fly planes but that was seen as unachievable for a female. She was belittled, teased, and talked down to, but eventually she still made it alongside her friend Maria Rambeau. Discovering her powers only made her strength more accessible, she already had powers before that she had worked for herself. 

These reasons and more are why I will always idolize Captain Marvel and vote for her as the best Avenger. 

By Hannah Ackman

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