Internet Find Friday

I'm starting a new series called "Internet Find Friday," collecting some of my favorite things I've found on the Internet over the course of the week.

1. Still elated that I got Gatsby Leo on Zimbio's "Which Leo di Caprio Character Are You?" quiz. (

2. If you haven't checked out the youtube Superfruit, which is run by two of the guys from Pentatonix, you need to. Start with this perfect rendition of Defying Gravity. (

3. Charles Worthington showed how to recreate Samantha Bark's beautiful braided updo for the BAFTAs. (

4. This super cool website gives you book suggestions based on recent books you've read and loved. (

5. I've been wanting to go back to Paris so much lately and this "13 Things I Discovered About Paris" is making me want to go even more. (

6. I'm fascinated by this "25 Best Cities for Young People to Live In" article. Should I go ahead and move to Scandinavia? (

7. Postmodern Jukebox is the best thing to ever happen, pretty much. My friends and I can't stop listening to this cover of "We Can't Stop." (

8. Not going to lie, I'm obsessed with these pants I bought recently. (

9. The Buzzfeed "Who's Your Disney Sidekick Quiz" is seriously the best thing ever. I got Pascal, which is wildly accurate because I got Rapunzel on the "Which Disney Princess are You?" quiz and Flynn Rider on the "Which Disney Prince is Your Soulmate?" quiz. (
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