Announcement: I'm Going to England this Summer!

I'm going to England!

I got an email this morning letting me know that I was accepted to study at a university in England this summer! My best friend, Stefanie, and I are going together and will be spending four days in London after our classes finish.

I'm so excited to take a specialized European history course (hopefully I get into the Tudor England module that I want!), but I'm also really looking forward to shopping at Zara and Topshop. Stefanie has never been to either, so I get to introduce her to them! I can't wait to get inspired by British fashion and see how my style is influenced by my time there.

I'm already thinking about packing even though I don't leave until June. I've already decided on what I want to wear on the airplane: tunic, leggings, jean jacket, and combat boots. I recently bought a faux leather duffel from Forever 21 to use as my airplane bag. 

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