Long Live All the Mountains We Moved: Looking Back on Freshman Year

I'm honestly surprised it took me this long to title a post with Taylor Swift lyrics (this time gracing you with the beautiful anthem, "Long Live"). Today, I move out of my dorm and head back home for the summer. I can't believe that freshman year has already come to an end; it seems like I moved in just a few weeks ago!

This year has been filled with long nights, great friends, and many firsts (from my first concert to my first use of footnotes to my first late-night Cookout run). I wanted to share some photos from over the course of the year to celebrate what a great nine months it's been.

Move-in Day in August
My First Concert: I saw Taylor Swift for my birthday
My cousin, Taylor, got married in October and Hannah and I were in the wedding party
My hallmates and I as Disney Princesses for Halloween

My cousin's baby/my godchild, Brooklyn, was baptized in December.

I somehow survived the crazy amount of snow we got this year, despite multiple
power outages. We made the best of it!

I joined an intramural sports team...okay, so it was laser tag. But we clearly took it very
seriously, dressing in all black and doing Black Widow-esque makeup.

My hall took a trip to Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens, which
was an adventure to say the least.

My girls and I participated in the Honors Program Olympics. We may not have
done well in the competitions, but we came in second for team spirit
thanks to our tutus and "I Don't Sweat, I Sparkle" tanks! 
My best friend, Alex, came to visit me for the weekend after he got out of school
and even agreed to go with us to Stephanie and Stefanie's "Tacky Prom"
themed APO formal. Our dresses are Stephanie's mom's...from the 80's!
I can't believe that I'll be spending three months away from school and all of my friends; I definitely haven't grasped yet that this year is over! I can't wait to be back in the fall for lots more adventures. 
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