Just Around the Corner

Summer is just around the corner! I have one more week of classes before exams, but it's finally starting to sink in because all of my friends are coming home from their schools.

I've got some great things planned for this summer, such as going to the University of Sussex for a month to take a class with my friend Stefanie. We're also spending a week in London! I can't wait to go back because London is one of my favorite places.
With one of the iconic Harrods bears
And the week after I get back, I'm going to Disney World with my family! It feels like it's been so long since I've been there.
Hannah and I goofing around in Epcot
I'm trying to get some plans in place for this summer -- other than packing! I wanted to share some of the posts I'm hoping to do.

Ten Polka Dot Dresses Photo-Shoot
I'm going to teach myself to use my mom's camera and tripod this summer. Part of this will be photographing me wearing all ten of my polka dot dresses (though obviously not at the same time!). It only seems fitting that I actually feature all ten of my dresses on my blog that's called "Ten Polka Dot Dresses"...

Packing for a Month Abroad 
I wish that I could find more posts about how to pack for going abroad. While I've found a few blogs that address packing for a semester abroad (Chic Street Style has a great post!), I've never found one that addresses spending a summer abroad. Since I have to do the packing anyways...I may as well make a post about it to help other girls out.

Disney Days
One thing that I love about going to Disney is seeing my sister wear her princess costumes and princess-inspired outfits. It makes me so sad that I can't join in on the fun! I've heard about "Disney-bounding," where you dress like a modern incarnation of a Disney character and I would love to try it this summer. And, of course, I would feature it on the blog!

What do you guys have planned for the summer?
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