Friday Internet Finds

I was looking forward to this weekend a lot more...before I got sick. But it'll be nice to have some recovery time from this cold! I sure hope you all have fun weekend plans to make up for my lack of them.

1. With "Fuller House" coming out later this month, this "Which Full House Character Are You?" Buzzfeed quiz is very relevant. (I'm apparently Michelle.)

2. Entertainment Weekly described some of the best moments from Hamilton's Grammy performance that we didn't get to see.

3. I absolutely love the color palette of Tanya Burr's outfit in this blog post. How do you all dress to keep warm?

4. If you're looking for a simple total body workout, look no father. Blogilates's Pop Pilates workouts are so amazing...I've been doing them since the beginning of this month and I can already feel a difference.

5. Jasmine Cephas-Jones, who plays (and) Peggy and Maria Reynolds in Hamilton, did a beautiful cover of "My Man" from Funny Girl in this week's latest #Ham4Ham.

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