Review: Grease Live! Soundtrack

I (obviously) watched Grease Live! when in aired and I finally caved and bought the soundtrack. And I'm so glad that I did. While Grease definitely isn't one of my favorite musicals, the music is so upbeat and cheerful to listen to. And this cast was on fire! If you missed the show, you can watch clips online.

While there were some weaker songs (Julianne Hough's "Hopelessly Devoted to You" definitely pales in comparison to Laura Osnes's), there are several that have quickly become favorites of mine. Obviously, Jordan Fisher's "Those Magic Changes" stole the show a bit. It's such a fantastic song, I could even see it getting played on the radio! Keke Palmer's "Freddy My Love" is such a cute song to listen to and Keke definitely nailed it.

As a fan of Aaron Tveit for years, I love his versions of "Greased Lightnin'" and "Sandy." While his vocals shine in "Sandy" (even if the song itself is a bit ridiculous), his stage charisma definitely comes through in "Greased Lightnin'." The first time I listened to it, I had to back it up to catch little bits I missed!

The true star of the album, in my opinion, is Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo. I loved Vanessa in Gigi's cast album, so I had high hopes for her but she exceeded even my expectations. Her "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" is the perfect song to listen to anytime you need a confidence boost: she manages to sound both vulnerable and strong. But I think her "Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee" is my favorite song on the entire album. She nails the humor in it, while also delivering amazing vocals.

It's definitely an album worth purchasing if you enjoyed the show, especially since it only costs $12 on iTunes. Vanessa Hudgens, Aaron Tveit, and Jordan Fisher's vocals stand out as the best of the group but all of the songs have a cheerful vibe that's perfect for listening to while cleaning or working out. It may have even converted this non-Greaser. (And yes, my best friend and I are planning Grease Halloween costumes for next year.)

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