Friday Internet Finds

Can you believe it's already Friday? This week seemed to fly by!

1. This collection of photos of six small but beautiful kitchens has made me so excited for apartment living.

2. Elizabeth Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton's wife, was undoubtedly the "best of wives and best of women." And this article from the Smithsonian tells us why.

3. Ever wanted to know "Which Musical Bad Girl Are You?" (Of course, you have!) This Buzzfeed quiz can tell you.

4. Who else is super excited about Zoe Sugg's announcement about the WHSmith and Zoella book club?

5. I am so proud of Killian Donnelly for being nominated for an Olivier Award for the second year in a row! (What can I say? I pick my favorites well.) This video of him talking about the nomination absolutely warmed my heart.

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