Hamilton Inspired Outfits

Lately, I've definitely been channeling the Schuyler Sisters into my outfits so I wanted to share some inspiration for how to incorporate our favorite Hamilton girls into your wardrobes. Let me know if you like this type of posts...and if you'd like to see one for our favorite revolutionaries!

"history is happening in manhattan and we just happen to be 
in the greatest city in the world" 

"Schuyler Sisters" was the inspiration behind this outfit as it's cool but effortless. The New York t-shirt (H&M, $12.99) pays homage to the city that the Schuyler sisters love, while the grey ripped jeans (Topshop, $75) are a nod to their independence and rebellion. The leather Vans slip-ons (Nordstroms, $59.95) are comfortable but a bit edgy looking and the tote bag (Steve Madden, $98) could definitely hold a copy of Common Sense. I topped it off with one of Viscountess's bows (Viscountess on StoreEnvy, $21.95) as a fairly obvious reference to Angelica's copper colored costumes. 

"look into your eyes and the sky's the limit
i'm helpless" 

This more formal outfit was inspired by Eliza's beautifully sweet love song, "Helpless." I paired an adorable blue dress (ASOS, $51) with sky-high-- see what I did there?-- heels (Forever 21, $89) and a classy bucket bag (Zara, $49). To channel Eliza, I wanted a look that was girly and sweet, but still strong...just like her!

"he was right,
you will never be satisfied" 

I wanted to put together an office appropriate outfit based on "Satisfied." Part of what I love about Angelica is her intelligence and her determination...qualities everyone wants to bring to the work place! I stuck to a sophisticated palate of black and white with a printed skirt (Zara, $49), tie blouse (H&M, $29.99), and black blazer (Topshop, $95). I accessorized with a structured bag (Kate Spade, $298) as a nod to Angelica's rational side and black booties (Madewell, $179.50 on sale).
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