I Am Sailing Off to London

Remember how I said that I would update you once I knew what I was doing? I'm elated to announce that in September, I'll be moving to London to pursue my Master's in Culture, Policy, and Management at City University of London!

Surprised? Yeah, me too. Some of you may remember that back in the fall I was busy researching grad schools in the United Kingdom and getting ready to apply. Then, my sister got sick and I dropped it all. Lately, I've been having a lot of trouble in the job search and was thinking about going back to get an arts administration degree because it would make me a much stronger candidate for the jobs I really want.

Last week, I checked to see if any of the universities I had been looking at before accepted students to start in the spring and discovered one of my top choices (City) still had some spots left on the perfect course for the fall! I put together an application quickly and sent it off, not expecting to be accepted. (In truth, after doing so many job applications and hearing nothing, I was kind of surprised to hear anything at all.)

Before I knew it I was filling out immigration paperwork "just in case" and then received my offer. I was pleased to accept and put down my deposit. Since then have been attempting to figure out my visa and housing for next year as I leave at the end of September.

I absolutely can't wait to live in London. Every so often I get a little bit terrified (cue the "What have I done, sweet Jesus, what have I done?" thoughts), but I'm excited to live in a land of Primark, Tesco, and tea kettles everywhere. The more I learn about the university, the more I adore it and I've strangely gotten an addiction to watching Tesco and Sainsbury's food hauls on YouTube?

Of course, I'm having a bit of a headache trying to figure out my Student Visa. In fact, me going is all pending that we're able to get the visa and it arrives in time, which is making my anxiety levels (which previously had been doing pretty well at summer) shoot through the roof. And I've got to figure out somewhere to live!

But for now, I'm so pleased and shocked that I know what I'm doing this year and it's moving to my favorite city on earth. Get excited for all kind of London content! Because, as Angelica Schuyler says, "I am sailing off to London..."

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