Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday! What a week I've had: getting into a Master's program, finding out I'll be moving to London in two months, trying to figure out my visa and housing...remember last week when I said I wasn't going back to school? Oops.

With this move to London, the content on my blog will likely shift towards more West End coverage than Broadway. Of course, I'll still be covering major Broadway news and am in no way cutting myself off from that community -- I'm still planning on moving to New York after I graduate. But for now, get ready for lots of West End reviews and other London-themed content. (And if anyone has tips on cheap tickets, do let me know.)

Food Glorious Food: I figured this Buzzfeed quiz was a good pick for this'll serve as my check list for British restaurants to try. I got 11/36, so 25 to go!

The Dark Lord: It's newly announced that Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo will play the titular roles of National Theatre production of Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra. I'm definitely planning on trying to snag a ticket to this production, but as it's National Theatre, it's also likely that fans across the UK and US will be able to see it in cinemas.

Stage to Stage: Josh Groban's forthcoming coffee table book, Stage to Stage, is now available for pre-order. It will be released in September and I know what the number 1 item on my Christmas list is.

Oh Pierre: Unfortunately this week, Great Comet announced that Oak (Okriette Onaodowan) is leaving the show for Mandy Patinkin to step into the role of Pierre. No offense to Mandy, but I really feel bad for Oak, especially as I've heard amazing things about his portrayal. This article from the New York Times describes why some people (including me!) are upset about this blatant show of capitalism in the arts.

So Broadway, Much Ingrid: The Great Comet's Ingrid Michaelson describes five things that make her "so Broadway" in this adorable video.

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