Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday! It's hard to believe that I've already been in London for three weeks now. Classes are fully in swing and I'm even starting to have a handle on the buses. How is October going for all of you?

1. The Stage's annual ticketing survey revealed that for the first time ever, the majority of West End shows are selling their top tickets for over 100 pounds. As someone used to Broadway prices, this still sounds fairly inexpensive especially considering the amount of theatres that offer lotteries or dayseats. However, it's a big deal for the West End as there's been a rapid increase in pricing over the past five years.

2. Amidst all of the horrifying revelations about Harvey Weinstein this past week, the In The Heights creative team have asked for the Weinstein company to give them back the rights to the movie adaption. Let's hope they comply -- and quickly.

3. There's nothing to make you miss New York like a "How Trash Are Your NYC Food Opinions?" quiz. (Dollar pizza beats everything else. Always.)

4. Young Frankenstein had its official opening this week to mixed, but overall positive reviews. The Stage rounded up many of them in this article. I saw the show at the end of September, when it was in previews, and (while a full review is coming) have to say I agree with some of the critics' positive and negative points.

5. I love Instagram takeovers so of course I loved Charlotte Kennedy's for West End Wilma. Charlotte plays Cosette in Les Mis and her takeover was absolutely hilarious and I loved how she managed to involve a majority of the cast in it!

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