October Goals

I can't believe that September is gone and we're already in October! It'll be the end of 2017 before you know it. I actually did a good job with my goals in September so here's to hoping October will be just as productive.

Goal Update - September Goals 

(1) Pack for the move. Well, I'm in London now! I managed to get everything packed (even if it came down to the hours before we left for the airport) and moved across the ocean.

(2) Pre-write and pre-film some content for the end of September. I actually did this and managed to keep uploading fairly frequently. I also hit 200 subscribers on my YouTube channel so I really can't complain.

(3) Finish cleaning my room. Okay, this goal...I struggled with a bit. But I managed to make everything decent and can finish when I'm home in December.

(4) Launch my new study abroad blog. I launched Sailing Off to London and have been posting on it every day or every other day since getting here. I couldn't be more happy with it and I'm plugging along with learning how to use Wordpress.

October Goals 

(1) Find a part-time job. Because I have more free time than I'm used to and can work up to 20 hours a week on my student visa, I'm trying to find a part-time job. Thus far, I've been focusing on front of house jobs at theatres, but I'm also open to working or volunteering at a museum or anything else relevant to my degree.

(2) Film some videos and figure out a new set-up. I've only filmed one video here thus far and that was just to film a quick bit about moving here. I need to figure out where and how I'm going to film videos in my room and get some new content up this month.

(3) Stay on top of my reading list. One of the main differences about university in the UK versus in the US is that you're in class for much less time every week but you have mountains of reading to do in exchange. My major goal for this month is to adjust to the amount of reading I need to be doing and not fall behind.

(4) Do something with a friend at least twice a week. This could be as simple as grabbing lunch with someone after class, but I need to push myself to socialize. I've been a bit lonely thus far but for someone so extroverted, I'm rather terrible at making myself make friends. So it's my goal to have some 'people time' at least twice a week. (This week, I'm going to the pub with a friend on Thursday and then going to a matinee with the same friend on Friday!)

What are your goals for this month? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter. x

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