Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday! Can you believe that next week marks the beginning of December?

1) I'm so excited that Six, a pop mini musical about the six wives of King Henry VIII that was popular at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, has announced four London performances over December and January. I'll definitely be going to that one!

2) This Buzzfeed quiz tells you which Disney character you should play at a Disney park. I was so excited that I got Belle (even if I know I'm actually too short to play her).

3) While it's technically past Thanksgiving today, I still wanted to share this awesome Thanksgiving-themed playlist that my friend Raj made.

4) Alyssa Campanella is by far my favorite fashion blogger, partially because of her love for history and period drama, so it's no surprise that I fell in love with this Downton Abbey inspired post of hers.

5) Rob Houchen recently released his music video for "Safe and Sound" from his latest EP on his new Vevo channel on YouTube. Definitely check it out as it's absolutely gorgeous.

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