What I Did This Week: November 27 - December 3

This past week was a bit calmer than the few before, thank goodness! But now that it's December I'm really starting to get into the festive mood. x

Monday night, I returned to The Woman in White -- this time with Corinne in tow. The show had already improved and been tightened up a bit since the week before and I fell even more in love with it. I also got the chance to talk to the lovely Anna O'Byrne, Sophie Reeves, Carolyn Maitland, and Chris Peluso after. Maybe most importantly...I met Chris's dog, Peety!

I also returned to my other favorite show in London currently, Venus in Fur for my third visit and Patrizia's first. It was absolutely as electric as it was the first two times, despite a costume mishap, and I can't believe it closes 9 December.

Corinne and I went to see the Friday afternoon performance of Romantics Anonymous at the Globe and I'm so glad that we did. It's an absolutely charming show, which you can hear more about in my video review or blog post.

Heritage Sites & Museums
Sadly, I didn't have time this week to visit any heritage sites or museums other than doing my normal shift at the Dickens Museum and my very first shift at the Keats House which went very well despite how nervous I was about working the till.

It was a busy week for my BroadwayWorld contributions. I went to the press event for La Soiree on Monday and got to help Jamie film bits of the show along with interviews with the cast. He put it all together into this lovely video.

I interviewed Olivia Jacobs, the co-founder of Tall Stories and director of the upcoming Wilde Creatures, a family show based on Oscar Wilde's fairy stories. You can read our conversation here.

I also spoke with Mark Perry, director of the upcoming Bananaman the Musical, who had some lovely comments about updating a much beloved comic and cartoon into a show. You can read that interview here.

I got the chance to go to Marisha Wallace's Soul Holiday concert at Charing Cross Theatre (even when I'm not seeing The Woman in White, you can't keep me out of there!) and I'm so grateful. Marisha is from North Carolina, not far from Raleigh, and hearing her talk about Christmas back home made me feel the closest I've felt to NC since leaving in September. You can read my review of this superstar's concert here.

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