My 2018 Goals & Resolutions

I meant for this post to go up several days ago but unfortunately, I've spent the first few days of 2018 stuck in bed very ill and unable to do much. Now that I'm on the mend, I want to share my ten goals for 2018 with you all!

Last year I decided to set 17 goals instead of setting resolutions. I prefer to have goals because they seem to be more achievable and less open ended -- for example, "go to an exercise class" or "work out twice a week for a month" instead of the vague hard-to-achieve "be more healthy" or "get fit." I only finished 10 of my 2017 goals (which I'm still very proud of), so I thought that I would stick to setting 10 for this year.

One: Go to an exercise class.
This was one of my goals for 2017 that I never actually achieved. I have free classes with my gym membership and it's just around the corner from my apartment so I really have no excuse.

Two: Read 25 books.
I've decided to increase my reading goal from twenty to twenty-five books this year. I have been getting through a lot more books due to the amount of time that I spend reading on public transport and at my volunteer museum shifts. I thought about going up to thirty, but I'm planning on reading War and Peace and it feels like that ought to count for five books.

Three: Learn to use my DSLR.
I got a lovely DSLR camera from my parents for Christmas so expect upgraded photos and videos soon! I definitely need to learn to use it properly because it's been a while since I've really played around with a fancy camera.

Four: Visit 3 new historic sites.
I visited several new historic sites in and around London this fall, in addition to returning to some old favorites. I want to explore some castles and smaller houses I've not been to before (accepting all recommendations!).

Five: Reach 350 subscribers on YouTube.
I'm not sure if this one is something that I can accomplish or not, but I'm trying to remain positive. I've been stuck around 235 subscribers for the past several months but I'm hoping that with better quality content from my new camera I might be able to break past that.

Six: Get a job after graduation.
I've managed to secure my dream internship for this spring (more on that in a life update coming soon to my YouTube channel!), but graduation already looms. I'll hand in my dissertation at the end of August and am doing to do my hardest to have a job soon after.

Seven: See 50 shows.
I saw twenty-nine shows this fall so I don't think fifty is an outrageous number to aim for, especially considering I see some shows for free to review them for BroadwayWorld UK. I'd love to continue seeing more plays because I've really been enjoying them even if I am more of a musical person.

Eight: Practice French or German at least two times a week.
Unfortunately because of my internship, I can't continue taking German classes. I'm hoping to hold myself to practicing my French or German twice a week when class is in so that I don't lose all my progress -- in either language!

Nine: Meet new people.
This one might sound a little funny, but I want to push myself more to make plans with people and meet new people. There have been several people in London (mainly other bloggers and YouTubers) that I've made abstract plans with but never actually met up with and I want to fix that in 2018 and make more friends in London, especially seeing as my best friend is moving back to Australia early in the year.

Ten: Be vegetarian/pescatarian for one week every month.
Being vegetarian is so much better for health reasons and for the environment (and financially!), but I don't think I can commit to being vegetarian full-time. Therefore, I'm going to try to go vegetarian (although I might have to let myself eat seafood) one week a month and see if that works. This is definitely the hardest goal for me as I'm a giant foodie, but hopefully it'll help my health...and my wallet!

What are your goals or resolutions for 2018? Let me know in the comments down below or tell me on Twitter! x
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