Life Update

Now that I'm starting my second term of my Master's and have been living in London for a few months, I thought I would give all my readers a little bit of an update on my life. If you've been reading my other blog, a lot of this may not be news to you.

I officially finished my first term of my Master's degree and am just waiting to hear back my grades for my classes (all based on one essay each -- yikes!). I'm starting a new set of classes this week: Cultural Policy, Introduction to Research, Fundraising, and Digital Cultures. I'm very much looking forward to them. Unfortunately because of my schedule, I can't continue taking my German class but I'm hoping to try to follow along with learning on my own. I also will be starting my dissertation this spring so definitely wish me luck on that.

Most excitingly, I've started my internship at the Donmar Warehouse. Doing the development internship at the Donmar has been a dream of mine since I first discovered the theatre company my first year of university. I've just completed my first week and I've never been so happy. I already got to see their current show Belleville and can't wait for the next show, The York Realist, which opens soon. The Donmar is a not-for-profit theatre company that produces incredible pieces of work and the staff have all been so friendly and helpful. 

I've officially been a writer for BroadwayWorld UK since November and have been doing show reviews and interviews. I also have been assisting our videographer and might be striking out on my own as a videographer one day soon. You can check out all my BWW work here

Since the fall, I've been a volunteer at the Charles Dickens Museum. I am a Room Steward at Dickens' only surviving London home every Saturday. The Dickens Museum is like a second home to me and I love all of the staff there so much.

In terms of my online presence, I'm currently hovering around 250 subscribers on YouTube which is a huge milestone for me though it wouldn't be for some. I got a beautiful DSLR for Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad!) and can't wait to produce better quality content with it. I also bought my domain name for this blog so you may notice that I'm now officially a .com. I have some exciting things in the works so definitely check back soon. 

You can also check out the life update that I filmed for my channel which rehashes mostly the same stuff I've explained above. Let me know what's going on in your lives on Twitter or in the comments below. x

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