March Goals

It felt like February flew by so quickly, which makes sense I suppose because it has less days than normal months. March is a crazy month for me, but I'm hoping to accomplish a lot despite my busy schedule.

Goals Update - February Goals

1) Be vegetarian for two weeks. I actually achieved this! It was quite a challenge and I learned the meat foods that I actually really appreciate and missed (mostly the chicken hot boxes from Leon). I don't think that I would ever go vegetarian full-time - at least not right now - but I think doing one week a month for this year will be very do-able.

2) Network. In addition to attending a leadership in the arts youth conference this month, I also met up with some other theatre YouTubers and forged some connections that I hope to continue in the months ahead both professionally and personally.

3) Stay on top of my class reading. I didn't do this perfectly, but we also have a strike going on at the London universities right now that has led to some classes being cancelled. This is one to continue trying to do over the next few months!

4) Do a blog series. This month I launched my #FitLife series which I'm so excited about. It launched a bit later than I had planned so it'll be continuing into the first few months of March as well.

March Goals 

1) Properly document my trip to Paris. During my spring break from classes, my friend Patrizia and I are going to Paris for a long weekend. I haven't been since I was sixteen, so I'm very excited and want to make sure that I document the trip very well so I can look back on it for years to come. Expect lots of Instagram and YouTube content!

2) Decide on all my essay topics. I have a second round of essays due in April, so I want to make sure that I at least decide on my topic for each of them and start doing some research during March so that I'll have less to do in April.

3) Work out at least once a week. I had been working out twice a week in the fall, but it all fell apart when I went home for Christmas and then had a horrible cold in January. I'd like to try to workout at least once a week in March even if it just means doing a pilates video in my room.

4) Make seven YouTube videos. I want to attempt to do two YouTube videos a week this month and get eight videos filmed. It's an ambitious goal, but one that I'm hopeful about!

What are you hoping to accomplish this month? Let me know in the comments below. x
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