February Goals

It feels like January flew by. I've been sick for quite a lot of it, with a virus early in the month and then recently a cold that I'm still trying to get over so I think that's why it feels like I lost a lot of time -- and why I didn't get my goals done.

Goal Update - January Goals

1) Get back into going to the gym. This definitely didn't happen, but as I've been sick so much of the month, I haven't been able to even think about going to the gym.

2) Finish my essays. I finished my essays on time, though just barely because of being ill. Luckily, I've gotten back two grades thus far and they went well. I'm excited not to have to do more essays until April.

3) Write at least eight blog posts. I sadly didn't hit this one, publishing only five posts this month. However, because I've been quite busy, I'm trying not to be too down about it.

4) Find a great outfit for my first day of my internship. I definitely achieved this! I got a beautiful black velvet dress and hunter green cardigan from Madewell for Christmas that I wore on my first day and got lots of compliments on.

February Goals

1) Be vegetarian for two weeks. I've decided to be vegetarian for one week every month of this year. However, I decided to line up January and February's weeks to coincide with when my friend Stefanie is visiting me because she's vegetarian.

2) Network. I want to work more on networking this month and my major step that I'm taking is attending a conference for youth in the arts. I'm hoping to also set up some coffee dates with people!

3) Stay on top of my class reading. It's a bit intimidating to be back to doing reading for class every week -- on top of writing for BWW and working at the Donmar. But I want to try my hardest to stay up to date.

4) Do a blog series. I have an amazing blog series planned for the month of February which I will be introducing very soon. I really want to see it succeed.

What are you hoping to accomplish this month? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter. x
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