April Goals

Can you believe that 2018 is already a quarter over? I certainly can't! Here's my goal update for April; here's to having a productive start to spring!

Goals Update March Goals

1) Properly document my trip to Paris. I definitely achieved this goal. Not only did I take lots of pictures for Instagram, I also vlogged bits of the trip. My friend Patrizia took all of our favorite photos and made a photo book for each of us; I know I'll cherish mine forever!

2) Decide on all my essay topics. I have now officially chosen my essay topics and am just waiting to hear back from my professors for their approval on them before really getting into my research. Luckily, because of the strike that's been going on this term, all our deadlines were pushed back a week -- something I truly needed.

3) Work out at least once a week. I utterly failed this one. I don't think I made it to the gym once in March, although I did a couple of Pilates videos at home. But honestly the amount of walking I did in Paris and the running about and lifting I did at the many Donmar events we had this month ought to count for it.

4) Make eight YouTube videos. I can't believe I hit this goal! I managed to upload eight videos during March and I'm actually so proud of all of them, especially my review of The Grinning Man and my Dream Roles video.

April Goals 

1) Finish almost all my essays. My essays are now due in late April and early May, but I want to try to finish them all during this month.

2) Film a video with my sister. I'm home for the last two weeks of April and since I didn't get to over Christmas break, I would love to film a video with my sister Hannah because I know she loves being on my channel (she's my biggest supporter for sure!).

3) Practice driving. I'm a bit worried that I've gone for so long without driving a car while living in London that I won't remember how to. So while I'm home, I definitely need to practice so I don't lose a skill I worked so hard to gain.

4) Workout four times. As I failed super epically at working out last month, I'm setting a very simple and achievable goal of working out four times this month. It's a really busy month but I'm hoping I can manage to fit four workouts in.

What are you hoping to accomplish this month? Let me know in the comments below. x
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