Shows I Saw in August

So August's round-up is a bit late, but I thought it was worth posting especially since there won't be one in September as I'm spending most of the month in North Carolina and will likely only see one show this month. (It's a bit of an adjustment!) August was odd month because my family visited, I went to Disneyland, and my best friend Kimmy visited so my normal theatre schedule was rather mixed up, but I still saw some incredible shows.

Broken Wings - Review
My favorite show that I saw in August was new musical Broken Wings based on the book by Middle Eastern poet Kahlil Gibran. I interviewed writer and composer Nadim Naaman about it for BroadwayWorld UK earlier this summer and was so impressed with everything that he said so I was overjoyed when I fell legitimately in love with the show. It's so important to support new work and especially to support telling diverse stories.

The Aristocrats
I got to take my family to see the Donmar Warehouse's latest show, The Aristocrats. Not only was it a beautiful touching show with a splendid cast, but I was so excited for my family to be in the theatre that I love so dearly.

I also got to see another Brian Friel piece at the National Theatre, which I raced to one day after being at Summer in the City. It was such a contrast to The Aristocrats and really made me think that I need to see a lot more Irish plays. I was so blown away by the set and it's definitely my favorite play I've ever seen at the NT.

Kinky Boots
When Kimmy was in town, I knew that I had to take her to Kinky Boots as she'd somehow never seen it before and my favorite understudy ever (Jordan Fox) was on as Charlie for several weeks. I adore Natalie McQueen (who I interviewed for BroadwayWorld UK) as Lauren so seeing it again was such a treat. It's now my second most seen show and it always brings me such joy!

Spring Awakening - BWW Review
I had never seen Spring Awakening before so I was thrilled to get to review the British Theatre Academy's production (and it was fun to take Kimmy to a press night). It's definitely not my sort of show, but it was a really great production.

Lieutenant of Inishmore - BWW Review 
You might remember that I adored Lieutenant of Inishmore last month so perhaps it's no surprise that I returned not once, but twice this month. This play is one of my favorites I've ever seen and just such an absolute delight if you have a dark sense of humor like I do.

Young Frankenstein 
I saw Young Frankenstein's second performance back in the first week that I lived in London so it seemed fitting to return with some friends during the last week of its run. It's not a show that I particularly care for, but Hadley Fraser was utterly charming in the role. I also went to the stage door after and got to thank him for introducing me to the Donmar years ago (through the NT Live of Coriolanus) which was such a special experience.

A Monster Calls 
Everyone raved about A Monster Calls so I was thrilled when a wonderful friend offered me tickets to the final performance, but...I didn't love it. It was a bit too absurdist for my taste and I didn't connect with the storyline which was a shame. But I'm very glad that I saw it because I think that seeing theatre you dislike helps you develop your taste just as much!

Les Misérables 
I had no plans for my final Friday night in London so is anyone surprised that I impulse bought a ticket to Les Mis? By pure coincidence I happened to sit in the same row for this trip (my eleventh time seeing it) as I did my first time I ever saw it back when I was sixteen. I was so excited to get to see Dean Chisnall as Valjean because I interviewed him for BroadwayWorld earlier this summer and we had the nicest chat at stage door after. It was such a lovely end to my time in London!
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