LIFE UPDATE: I Moved to New York!

As is usually the case when this blog suddenly goes silent, I've been going through a big life change in the past couple of months. In early September, I left my beloved London and moved back to the United States. It was incredibly bittersweet: I was thrilled to be reunited with my family, to meet my newest baby cousin, and to get to live at home for a few weeks but I was also heartbroken to leave London.

At City University
Going to London might be the single greatest, most wonderful, best thing I've done in my entire life. I feel that I returned to the United States a very different person. I'm more confident, my resume is much more impressive, and my friend circle now extends across the globe. I saw hundreds (!!) of shows, forged a great career as a writer, discovered my love for fundraising, got to work at my dream company, volunteered at an important historical site, and made friends that I know will last for a lifetime.
It took my dad and many, many suitcases to move me back!

I spent a blissful few weeks at home in North Carolina relaxing, hanging out with my sister and my puppy, and adjusting back to the Eastern US time zone. I got to celebrate my baby cousin's birthday, go to Chicago to see my dad's family and meet my cousin's (now) fiancé, and visit my alma mater to see a friend. But mostly I spent my time unpacking, going through my things, and repacking for the next big step.
With my beloved Bella on my birthday

Last weekend, my family drove a U-Haul trailer from North Carolina to New York and moved me into my new apartment. I've moved into a place in upper Manhattan with two of my best friends from college, Kimmy and Andrew, and Andrew's adorable puppy, Charlie. While my family was here, we went to see Anastasia which I had been dying to see and it was every bit as good as I'd hoped (review hopefully coming very soon).
My first Broadway show after moving here!

I know the question on everyone's mind next is: where are you working? The truth is that I haven't found a job yet. I'm applying to museums, theatre companies, and entertainment agencies across the city so if you know of any job openings, please do let me know.
My room before we arranged everything
Today I also applied to two historic sites as a volunteer and I'm hoping to get this blog and my YouTube channel back up and running as soon as possible. Otherwise, I'm trying to learn to sleep through the noise, use the subway, and find cute coffeeshops to do job applications in.
All moved in!
If anyone has any New York tips or things to do (I love a good historic site or museum!), please do let me know in the comments or on Twitter. And of course, keep an eye on my Instagram and Twitter for an announcement when I do land a job. x
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