My Goals for 2019

Now that I've updated how I did with my goals for 2018, it's time to share my goals for 2019! I don't believe in resolutions because they're not always achievable. I like for my goals to be easily measured and something that can be checked off on my list throughout the year. I find that way it's much easier to actually stick to them!

One. Write at least one blog post a week. 
I was very good at blogging consistently while I lived in London, but since moving to New York, I've been very off schedule. I want to commit to writing at least one blog post a week this year, but hopefully I'll write even more. 

Two. Reach 450 subscribers on YouTube.
As of right now, I have 391 subscribers on YouTube so if I start making more content, it seems reasonable that I could reach 450 subscribers this year which would be a huge milestone for me. 

Three. Visit five new historic sites. 
One thing I loved doing in 2018 was visiting historic sites I'd never been to before. There certainly aren't as many around here in New York as there were easily accessible in London, but I want to make an effort to go to some of them like Teddy Roosevelt's Birthplace and the Hamilton Grange. 

Four. Watch 100 movies. 
Now that I'm becoming very involved with the film website and podcast that I'm a part of, I want to dedicate myself to watching more films. So I'm hoping to watch one hundred films that I've never seen before, which should be doable because it's only two movies a week. 

Five. Watch and rank all of Lily James's films. 
One of my friends from the podcast, Michael, and I have a new project in which we are going to watch all of Lily James's movies and rank her performances in them. We've bent the rules a little by deciding that movies where she has a tiny part don't count, but instead including the War and Peace BBC miniseries. All in all, it's just twelve films (including the two that come out in the first six months of 2019) so it should be rather fun. 

Six. See 30 shows. 
Last year, I saw eighty-three shows but I don't expect to come anywhere near that this year as New York theatre tickets are much more expensive and I'm no longer getting press tickets. However, I want to make sure that I'm going to the theatre some. I already have tickets to two shows in New York and two shows in London in January! 

Seven. Read 20 books. 
I didn't make my 2018 goal of reading twenty-five books, so I've decided to take this year's goal down to twenty. However, some of the books I'm planning on reading are rather long so it'll still be impressive if I reach it. 

Eight. Read War and Peace
Speaking of long books...I've decided that this is the year I read War and Peace. With a rewatch of the BBC mini-series already planned, it feels like the right timing. 

Nine. Finish reading all of Jane Austen's novels. 
I only have two Jane Austen books left (Persuasion and Mansfield Park) before I will have read all six of her completed published novels. This is one of my 30 Before 30 goals that I'd like to accomplish this year. 

Ten. Cook a proper meal in my apartment. 
I have cooked very little since moving to New York, partially because I'm a little intimidated by our kitchen. (The oven still baffles me and my roommates.) However, I want to make sure that I make at least one meal from a recipe from scratch this year. Baby steps, right? 

What are you hoping to achieve this year? Let me know your goals or resolutions in the comments below. x
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