An Update on My 2018 Goals

Before I share my goals for 2019 in a few days, I wanted to share an update on my 2018 goals. I, for one, am always curious about how people's goals are influenced by what they did or didn't achieve the year before.

I didn't check off all of them, but I made significant progress on quite a few. 2018 was quite a year for me. The nine months I spent in London and the month I spent at home were some of the best of my life, but I've had a bit of a struggle since moving to New York. But more on all of that in upcoming year in review post!

One: Go to an exercise class. 
I went to a yoga class at my gym in London in February. While I enjoyed it a bit, it wasn't exactly my thing.

Two: Read twenty-five books. 
There are still a few days left in the year and I'm hoping to bring my count for the year up to twenty, but there's no way I'm reaching twenty-five. I think I underestimated how busy I would be when I set this goal.

Three: Learn to use my DSLR. 
I definitely know how to use it passably well, though I want to do more photography. I'm very comfortable with using it for video after filming many YouTube videos of my own and videos for BroadwayWorld.

Four: Visit three historic sites I haven't been to before. 
I actually managed to check this off in February, thanks to lots of exploring while my friend Stefanie visited. We went to Oxford University and Warwick Castle and then I went to Strawberry Hill House with my friend Patrizia.

Five: Reach 350 subscribers on YouTube. 
I couldn't believe when I hit this in September because I kind of thought it was a goal I wouldn't reach. I'm now nearing 400 which probably doesn't sound like a lot, but it means a lot to me.

Six: Get a job post-graduation. 
I'm happy to be able to say that I'm now settled into my job at Spektrix, being at the end of my fifth week working there. After a bit of a painful job search, it's such a relief.

Seven: See 50 shows. 
I actually saw 83 shows this year, which is incredible to me. Six of them were in New York, one was a US tour, and 76 were in London. I'm willing to bet 2018 will forever hold my record for most shows seen as London prices are much lower and I was also writing reviews for BroadwayWorld UK. (I also saw The Grinning Man...six times.)

Eight: Practice French or German at least two times a week. 
I admittedly gave up on this goal. By a few months into the year, it just was no longer a priority to me and I had other things I would rather work on with my time. I do want to work more on keeping up my French in 2019, though I think I have to admit that German may not be my thing.

Nine: Meet new people. 
I certainly did this! In addition to becoming very close to some people I already was befriending at the beginning of the year, I made lots of new friends too. I got very good at actually making plans with people from going to the pub with my Dickens Museum coworkers to eating lunch with RADA friends outside the British Museum. I do feel like I need to renew these efforts in New York.

Ten: Be vegetarian/pescatarian for one week every month. 
Okay...I did this successfully until about mid-year when I gave it up. It wasn't that terrible, but it certainly was inconvenient at times and I realized that (like above) it's simply not a priority for me right now.

How did you do in upholding your goals and resolutions for 2018? I'll be back soon with my goals for 2019.
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