Internet Find Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!

1. WhoWhatWear put together a slideshow of the 9 Most Versatile Closet Staples. Yes, please.

2. I took a quiz on Buzzfeed called "Who Should You Marry?" My result? Pizza. #singlelifeforever

3. H&M is having a big online sale right now! (I'm personally found of this graphic sweatshirt that costs just $10.)

4. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the Emma Approved series and this interview with Joanna Sotomura and Brent Bailey (who play Emma and Knightley) made my day. It's so cute that they're dating in real life!

5. I love love love Carly of The College Prepster and she did a great post last March called "What's in My Bag." I love posts that show what women carry with them all the time. Maybe I'll do one in the future!
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