Friday Internet Finds

Sorry I've been MIA! I was in Florida for several days with my friends and am just now settling into a normal-ish routine. The best news is that the magical Apple people fixed my computer and my once-broken p key now works again. #hallelujah

Why not amuse ourselves with some fun internet things now that exams are FINALLY over?

1. Ever wanted to just pack up and move to a foreign city? This quiz will let you know which city you should pick. (I got Paris! My French would be useful, I guess...)

2. Make sure you check out this list of what's leaving Netflix on January 1...I need to watch "The Gladiator" and "Love Actually" before they go!

3. If I could have anyone's hair, I would probably pick Taylor Swift's. (Zoe Sugg's is a close second). So I'm definitely going to try out this tutorial on how to get 1989-era Taylor Swift waves.

4. I always become reflective towards the end of the year, as I look back on every thing that's happened and look forward to the new year (expect a blog post about it!). I'm definitely going to use this list of 50 questions to help you reflect. Anyone else have big plans for 2015 or large milestones that they accomplished in 2014?

5. No matter how many times I watch part of last year's London Les Miserables cast sing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (featuring Carrie Hope Fletcher!), I always smile.

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