The Little Things

How was your Thanksgiving? I had a fantastic week at home and can't believe that I only have 9 days left at school! 

Important reading
These cat shoes immediately made me think
of Taylor Swift 
Yummy lunch at the Greek restaurant
in the mall food court 
Lush finally got their Christmas
bath bombs in!
My first Chick-Fil-A
peppermint milkshake of the season! 
I got Zoe Sugg's book in the
mail! It's sooo good thus far.
The whole family freaked out when we saw
Norm Lewis on the Macy's Parade coverage! 
Yummy Thanksgiving dinner 
We had a little butter turkey!
Rocking the flannel-around-the-waist-90s-
kid-look while bowling
All the group back together! (Minus Alex) 
Tree decorating with hors d'oeuvres is my favorite
Thanksgiving tradition

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