Moving Out and Moving On

Today I took an exam, did a group presentation, and moved out of my dorm. Moving out was a strange experience for me, because when I moved out last year, I knew that I would be returning to the same room after three months. This time, I'm leaving behind all of my friends to continue their lives at university without me and I know I may never return to the building that I lived in for a year and a half.

Moving out was difficult for me (is there anyone who doesn't hate saying goodbye?), but I know that I have to think about moving on. When I return to Elon, I'll be an upperclassman, living in an apartment. And until then, I have Scotland to look forward to. It may be the ending of one era, but it's the beginning of a new adventure.

Saying goodbye to all of my friends
was difficult
My room mid-packing 

And one more thing: there won't be any Friday Internet Finds this week because I'll be in Florida with my friends celebrating surviving the semester. It'll resume as normal next week!
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