April Favourites

Can you believe April is already over? It feels like I was just writing my March Favourites post! It's kind of crazy to think about the fact that I will write my May Favourites post from the States...

Fashion & Beauty

I recently purchased these PJs at Primark for just seven pounds and I'm absolutely in love with them! There are few things I love as much as pretty and comfortable lounge clothing. These PJs make it difficult to get myself to take a shower in the morning, because I never want to take them off!

I've been experimenting around with new hairstyles lately and I really love this one that I taught myself. It feels very Peggy Carter from Captain America to me, and only needs a few bobby pins!

You might remember that in the same Primark Haul where I showed off my new PJs, I mentioned that I bought a pack of four clips for 2 pounds. I thought I would use them when I curled my hair (and they are fantastic for that!), but I've ended up wearing my hair half-up with one of these clips almost every day in the past few weeks.

I used to be a PG Tips purist, but I discovered Tetley tea recently and have been loving it. I've gotten so spoiled living in the Land of Tea and finding new ones that I love. I don't know what I'll do when I go back to the States! 

I had stopped eating all crisps (or chips for Americans) except Cool Ranch Doritos but I recently rediscovered Pringles and have become obsessed with them. I ate them all the time as a child, but they're one of those foods that I tend to have short periods of eating lots of them followed by months where I forget they exist.


You may have already picked up on my love for Carrie Hope Fletcher (if not, it's probably your first time on my blog). So it's probably no surprise that her book is one of my April Favourites, if not my favorite that I've ever read! You can watch my full review here (warning: I get a bit emotional).

I started watching the BBC show Poldark in April and I'm absolutely hooked. I have a great love for period dramas, especially when they feature attractive men so Poldark definitely does not disappoint.

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