Friday Internet Finds

Happy May 1st, everyone! Can you believe it's already May? Where does the time go?

1. For all you theatre lovers, West End star Gina Beck recently put up a video on her blog that shows how she does her hair and makeup for the show she's currently in.

2. This "Who Said It: Blair Waldorf or Beyonce?" quiz is full of important quotes. #ifoundmynewmantra

3. Tony nominations were...surprising to say the least. I was very sad to see Finding Neverland and Gigi get so obviously snubbed, as they're the two shows I want to see most!

4. If you've ever wanted to know "Should You Be With Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, or Sam Wilson?", now is your chance.

5. One of my best friend Lucy's friends has also started making YouTube videos and they're hilarious. Kenny is so nice (and BELGIAN!) and I'm proud to call him my first YouTuber friend. Part of why I love his videos is that I always relate to them so much...This one is a prime example. (I am Emma Woodhouse, always single and yet always giving advice on relationships.)

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