How to Survive Studying for Exams

I know that a lot of American students are already finished with exams, but I'm still stuck in the middle of exam revision. I thought it might be nice to put together a little list of exam studying tips to help anyone who's still struggling through. If you have exams going up, good luck!

(1) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Whenever I'm studying for exams, I have stress break-outs and I forget to take care of myself. Thus, drinking lots of water is very important. It helps your brain work (I'm not a science student, so I can't tell you why!) and it keeps your skin clearer.

(2) Use the right tools. I like to combine the use of physical tools, like flashcards and notebooks, and online tools like Quizlet. Online quiz tools are great for testing yourself on information like vocabulary or dates (I also use it to memorize the authors of books), while I use physical index cards for writing down more information.

(3) Find the right study space for you. During exams at St Andrews, the library is so full of people revising. Personally, I don't work well in the library at all. I work much better in a coffee shop or my room. Don't let the fact that everyone else is going to the library make you feel like you should study there if it's not the right environment for you!

(4) Take care of yourself. In addition to taking care of yourself physically, you have to take care of yourself mentally and emotionally as well. This means rewarding yourself with an episode of your favorite TV show after hours of studying or just admitting that it might be worth it to take an hour away from studying to hang out with your friends that you won't see over the summer. If you don't let yourself have some time off, then you're just going to make yourself more stressed which will make your studying less effective. Never forget that your mental and physical health is much more important than your grades. xx

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