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Last week, I talked about some of my favorite up-and-coming vloggers. So I thought that this week I should talk about my favorite blogs! If you have any recommendations for what I should discuss next week (musical theatre actors, bands, Twitter accounts, anything), please let me know!


I've been reading The Haute Notes for over a year now and it's definitely one of my favorite fashion and lifestyle blogs. Rachel's blog is absolutely lovely from its helpful and unique posts to its beautiful layout. I also particularly like The Haute Notes' email newsletters which give dedicated readers special content. If you're interested in fashion, blogging, or just ways to live a better life in general, you should definitely check it out.


My friend from university, Kim, runs From Narnia to Neverland and I always look forward to her posts. Alongside her book reviews, she also includes book hauls and sometimes guest reviews. If you're a bibliophile, this is one blog that you shouldn't miss out on.


West End actress Gina Beck and actress and author Natalie Blenford write this adorable and unique blog to help you "win at life." Their posts cover everything from how to enjoy nature to how to dress for the races. In addition to blog posts, they also occasionally make YouTube videos. As a fan of Gina Beck (I got to see her as Galinda in Wicked a few years back), I was so excited when she started this blog with her friend and it definitely hasn't disappointed.

Of course, if it's international life that you're interested in reading about, there are a plethora of blogs you can choose from. A friend of mine wrote a lovely blog about her summer abroad in Italy. My best friend Lucy has a blog about going to university in St Andrews and her travels to Italy and other fancy European places. And, not to self-promote, but...there's always my blog from my semester at the University of St Andrews to check out! ;)

What are your favorite blogs? Feel free to give me suggestions for what to read in the comments below or tweet them to me @nicoleackman16. xx
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