Friday Internet Finds

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been a bit silent lately. I wasn't able to do much posting while I was in California, but I promise there are lots of vlogs and posts on the way.

1. When I saw the "Can You Pass This Musical Theatre Test?" Buzzfeed quiz, I got very excited. (I never pass up an opportunity to prove my dominance in all things musical theatre knowledge related.) I only missed one...can you get a perfect score?

2. Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere recently wrote a post on how to balance being a mother and working. As someone who looks forward to having children one day, I truly appreciated it but her tips for balancing work and home are helpful whether or not you have children.

3. Want to know the #1 thing you need to make your blog successful? This article from The Haute Notes can teach you.

4. I couldn't be more excited about Carolyn Maitland temporarily re-joining the cast of Miss Saigon in the West End as principle Ellen. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about her Ellen and am very jealous of anyone who manages to see her between now and October 17, when she leaves.

5. George Blagden, who was in the Les Miserables movie and on the TV show Vikings, is training to bike from London to Paris to raise money for diabetes. His videos are well worth watching to learn more about diabetes (and see George vlogging while bike riding...he worries me) and if you are able to, it's a wonderful cause to donate to.

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