Friday Internet Finds

Happy Fourth of July weekend to all my American readers! I hope you have a great weekend eating great food and enjoying the fireworks. And to any European readers, I hope you're surviving the heat!

1. This "Which Famous Tom is Your Soulmate?" Buzzfeed quiz is so important. And not just because I got Tom Felton. #truelove

2. I absolutely adore Stephanie Perkins's novel, Anna and the French Kiss, and I equally love these outfits inspired by it.

3. One of my favorite musicals of all time is Bonnie and Clyde, so I was thrilled to see that brought this video out of the vault!

4. This sneak peak at H&M's new beauty range made me even more excited for it. Who else can't wait?

5. I love Will Darbyshire's "Snapshot" series and this video has convinced me that I need to go back to Paris.

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